Bama Want They Wins Back

In completely unshocking news reported by ESPN’s Chris Low, Lord Sabeen’s Crimson Tahd will contest their 21 vacated wins after what was perceived by most as a slap on the wrist for intentional textbook acquisition inproprieties which included$21,950 in illegal benefits to student athletes.  Those offenses ranged as high as $3,947.19 from an individual football student-athlete and the four highest amounts were obtained by football student-athletes.

Alabama Textbooks

Alabama’s rebuttal said the committee cited the school’s “abysmal infractions track record” and described that record as “the driving force behind” the penalty.

Well yeah. Calling Bama’s infractions record abysmal would be similar to referring to Forrest Gump’s ACT score as lacking. But seriously. Don’t take wins away from Sabeen, he won’t stand for it.

And by God please don’t make eye contact…



One response to “Bama Want They Wins Back

  1. So, is the cheating all part of the process or just the vacating of wins?

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