Quick to the KiffyCopter!

Auburn assistants scooted around the State of Alabama this Summer in a stretched hummer to get the attention of in-state recruits. Nick Saban regularly enters prospective players dreams, promising to return and make sure they never wake up again if they don’t sign with the Tide. And in Atlanta this Friday Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron will take to the skies in attempt to up the ante yet again on the recruiting landscape…

Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin and recruiting coordinator Ed Orgeron will be going from high school to high school in the Atlanta area on Friday night. And they will use a helicopter to do so.


BOOSH. Yeah you heard that right. We’re going vertical with that $%*#.


Expect every TV channel in the Nation to report late next week that Lane Kiffin is stuck in a runaway experimental weather balloon, only to find out all along he was in hiding in the attic of your school’s top recruit.



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