Jenn Brown Hysteria Has Begun

Jenn Brown Oklahoma

Move over Erin Andrews, Jenn Brown is now (or will be by Monday) the darling of the sports blogosphere after her appearance on ESPN during the Red River Rivalry coverage on Saturday. We were certainly impressed. To see her reporting skills in action, check out her ESPNU “Road Trip” segment from Gameday or here’s the segment they did in Norman this past week before heading to Dallas:

A few more photos from the week/weekend from her twitter after the jump…

Jenn Brown Gameday

Jenn Brown State Fair

Jenn Brown Reporting

Jenn Brown Fried Pies

Jenn Brown Bob Stoops

Jenn Brown Colt McCoy

Just for Bunkie…from last weekend…

Jenn Brown Ole Miss

And so the Bama nation will go crazy in love with her…

Jenn Brown Alabama McElroy Jersey


4 responses to “Jenn Brown Hysteria Has Begun

  1. Can’t FotP at least avoid the PC bullshit and call it the Red River Shootout? Also, bitch is HAWT.

  2. We aren’t PC, just big fans of alliteration.

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