Derek Jeter – Champion of More than Baseball

Wilt the Stilt may hold a spot in the Playboy Athlete Hall of Fame for Game with sheer number of female conquests, but according to when it comes to an A-List Little Black Book of unparalleled quality,  you’d be hard pressed to find a more impressive resume than the one owned by Derek Sanderson Jeter of the New York Yankees.


It is really quite something to behold, see what we’re talking about after the jump…

Jessica Alba? Check.

Jessica Alba is Jeters

Jessica Biel? Check.

Jessia Biel is Jeters

Jordana Brewster? Sure.

Jordana Brewster is Jeters

Mariah Carey? Why not.

Mariah Carey is Jeters

Lara Dutta? Jetes will handle it.

Lara Dutta is Jeters

Joy Enriquez? Whatever.

Joy Enriquez is Jeters

Vida Guerra? This is just getting silly.

Vida Guerra is Jeters

Scarlett Johanssen? Maybe. Yeah ok.

Scarlett Johanssen is Jeters

Minka Kelly? Yyyyup.

Minka Kelly is Jeters

Adriana Lima? For good measure.

Adriana Lima is Jeters

Vanessa Minnillo? Duh.

Vanessa Minnillo is Jeters

Cassia Riley? Gotta sneak a pornstar in there somewhere.

Cassia Riley is Jeters

Gabrielle Union? Spice things up.

Gabrielle Union is Jeters

Did we leave someone off? If we’re playing the odds game we may even be leaving you off gentle reader. If you are in fact part of Jete’s conquests please do not apply for inclusion in this gallery unless you’ve been on reality TV, in the movies, or around a recording studio before.


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