Avoiding Shreveport

avoiding shreveport

Shreveport…always keeping it gangsta

There are very few things more disheartening among SEC than the prospects of spending the bowl season at the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, Louisiana . But a mediocre season and an 8th place finish in the toughest conferences in the land will get you some nice parting gifts and an all expenses paid trip to the Port City. Teams and fans alike are sure to enjoy the oppressive heat, street violence, and…hey look, casinos! But this year it means even more as the shamefully proud Indy Bowl is cutting ties with both the SEC and Big 12, instead choosing to disappoint a whole new batch of fans from the ACC and Mountain West in the coming years.  So, its time to get sentimental people!  Its the last run in Shreveport for the SEC, so lets make it count!  Time to cash in those free Jack Binion’s Horseshoe buffet vouchers before its too late!  And to commemorate this last year, every week FOTP will be taking a look at which SEC teams have the best chance of going bowling in East Texas the third most glamorous city in the Bayou State.

1.  Kentucky (3-3)  The typical non-conference winning streak followed by an SEC losing streak that inevitably ends in a 7-6 mark looked pretty true to form until the unlikely upset the Cats pulled off last weekend against Auburn.  ULM, State, Vandy, and Eastern Kentucky remain on the schedule and there is no way that UK fans can stand another trip to the Music City Bowl, so Shreveport may actually have some appeal for another mediocre Kentucky squad.

2.  Tennessee (3-3)  Even if the Vols drop the next two to Bama and South Carolina, they still have Memphis, Vandy and Kentucky to end the season so, at the very least, a .500 record seems pretty likely.  North Louisiana would welcome the Vol Navy with open arms, as would several local retail outlets where hunters orange is already available.

3.  Arkansas.  (3-3)  Taking Arkansas to a bowl in his second year would be a nice achievement for Petrino and the hard luck Hogs have some winnable games down the stretch.  They will pull at least one upset off over the course of the next two months, whether it be in Oxford, at home against South Carolina, or in Baton Rouge.  With wins against Troy and Eastern Michigan a lock, at least 6, maybe 7 wins is very doable.

4.  Mississippi State. (3-4)  Ridiculously tough schedule for te Bullies the rest of the way.  Games against Florida and Bama, as well as a trip to Fayetteville, and of course the Egg Bowl.  They need a miracle, or a quarterback who is tall enough to ride the adult rides at the Fair.  Not much hope of either at this point.

5.  Ole Miss (4-2).  With the way Jevan Snead is playing right now, anything is possible, and that includes running the table and limping home with a 7 win season.  My red and blue colored glasses have me leaning toward the better of the two scenarios, but it almost seems fitting that a school who put David Cutcliffe into the Indy Bowl Hall of Fame with all of those visits in the late 90’s and early 2000’s would close down the SEC’s involvement with the Port City by visiting one last time.


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  2. Not going to lie, Auburn belongs on this list as well. Our only gimme win left is the Purple Paladins of Furman. So 6-6 is a realistic possibility if things continue to unravel after the uninspired Kentucky loss.

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