The Program’s Picks


Every week the the degenerate gamblers who run this site attempt to pick games for the upcoming college football weekend. We are usually completely and totally wrong, blinded by team allegiance, alumni status, and probably a 5th of Makers. That being the case, we’ve enlisted help of professionals…not for the Makers problem, but for the gambling one. The Geek Sheet experts have decided to set us all straight this season. They’ll be here to give you the winners, blow your mind with high level statistical analysis, and shamelessly plug their own site…which is something we have great admiration for. Be sure to check out their site for more. Now, on to the picks…


The Juice: 22-12-1

Mike Medallion: 14-20-1

Bunkie Perkins: 16-18-1

The Geek: 16-18-1

Arkansas +5 ½ @ Ole Miss

The Juice: Arkansas. I’m not sure why Arr-Kansas is getting nearly 6 points. Was the Rebels dismantling of the UAB Blazers that impressive? Maybe. Regardless the Arkansas Defense seems to be clicking and Mallett is so tall. I don’t even think he’s that good of a quarterback, he’s just so tall you know. Can’t go against a human that tall. Arkansas takes the points and takes the win in Oxford (Sorry Bunkie my dear friend). 

Mike Medallion: Arkansas. The Hogs apparently have a defense. Bad news for Jevan Snead.

Bunkie Perkins: Ole Miss.  I am…..

The Geek: Arkansas. I’ll side with Pigtrino, but just barely…this should be a pretty good contest and very entertaining, but there is no sensible reason anyone should be anywhere near a wager on this game. Arkansas  26  @ Ole Miss 31

Tenn +16 @ Bama

TJ: Tennessee. Yeah I’ve picked against the Tahd a lot this year. Inherent biases. Just NOTE I am not picking them to lose, just not always to cover their ridiculous spreads. Kiffykins staring Lord Sabeen down across the field should be damn fine television though.

MM: Tennessee. I’d imagine that it’ll be just like the South Carolina game. Then again, I didn’t see that game last week (too busy freezing in frustration on the Plains), so who knows.

BP: Tennessee.   …extremely…

The Geek: Tennessee. I’ll admit I have no real idea what is going to happen here, and our math reflects it.  We’ve got everything from a 35-7 Bama blow out to a 26-24 UT shocker…we’ll stear very clear, but side with Team Kiffin and Crazy EddieTenn 19@ Bama  28

Penn Sat. -4 ½ @ Michigan

TJ. Michigan. Rich Rod eats Penn State up like a cat burrito.

MM. Michigan. I have no clue on this one. Why are we picking a Big 10 game anyway?

BP: Penn State.  …hung…

The Geek: Penn State. This game comes down to Penn States rush D (allowing 2.5 ypr) vs Mich’s rush O (ave 5.5 ypr), Penn State Rush D is +0.5 ypr better than Michigans (vs the ave), so we’ll side there although there is zero margin. Penn St. 30 @ Michigan 23

Auburn +8 @ LSU

TJ: LSU.  I’ve gone back and forth on this one. It all falls on the gentle shoulder of Chris Todd. He was a confident gunslinger the first 5 games, but has reverted back to the 2008 abomination against Arkansas and Kentucky. Is his shoulder really healthy? Who knows? The unfortunate truth is I fear even if Auburn keeps it close, they’ll lose steam towards the end of the game in the Red Stick due to lack of depth (you heard that right recruits, come to Auburn and start tomorrow). 

MM: Auburn. Can the Chiz be the third straight Auburn coach to beat LSU in Baton Rouge in his first season as head coach (Evil Elf in 1993 and Tubs in 1999)? I think so, or at least the Aubs keep it close.

BP: Auburn. …over.

 The Geek: Auburn. Auburn’s O finally gets on track in a game where they actually match up pretty well…AU wins outright unless The Hat pulls some crazy last minute antics. Auburn  26  @ LSU 25


Ga. Tech (-4) @ UVA

TJ: Ga. Tech. Sorry Wahoos. Tech hands you your first ACC loss in style. Nerd style.

Texas A&M (+21.5) @ Texas Tech

MM. Texas Tech. Why not Texas Tech for the second straight week? Sorry Ray T.

Texas Tech -21 v. Texas A&M

BP: Texas Tech.  In need of asprin and Pedialite.

UAB (+7) 26  Marshall 28

The Geek: UAB. This is one of our recommended plays for the week.  We were just 2-6 on our recommended plays last week and now 21-19-1 this season with a lifetime record (5 years) of 63% (236-137-8), including 68% (52-24-1) last year!    We are finalizing our card for this week but it looks like we’ll have 6-7 recommended plays on Saturday (including UAB).  To see our analysis of the UAB game, click here.  We usually have 3-5 games a week we take a very hard look at but decided to pass on.  You can sign up to receive these plays free of charge by visiting our website,


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