A Below Average Photo Essay: Houston’s Revenge

Hog fans loaded up the late model AstroVan, filled with hurt feelings and vitriol, and headed across the worst stretch of highway known to man, better known as I-40 from Little Rock and Memphis, to see if their Hogs could build on the momentum of a near upset against Florida in Oxford this weekend.  Last years match-up was so hate filled and spectacular that we had to make the trip to Ole Miss to soak it all in.  Flanked by our friends in the Fayetteville mafia, we saw all that was to be seen and this is our unspectacular account…


Its a beautiful day in the Grove…(*sticks finger in mouth then lifts it skyward)  and the air is just right for drinking.


Someone dug up Elvis and Col. Sanders just in time to creep on the ladies of Ole Miss…


…or maybe he’s just that charming


Plastic-hat’d Hog fans outside of their natural habitat…uh oh, looks like they’ve spotted us


eHarmony…bridging the SEC rivalry gap since 2001


One enterprising gentleman was selling these…presumably for Arkansas fans to use to clean themselves up when Ole Miss got through with them


Thats just good old fashioned centerpiece racism right there


Tailgating in the Grove is fair and balanced.


Mike Vick was scalping tickets during his bye week…I know bankruptcy is a bastard, but thats gotta be some sort of parole violation


I ran into a much more  leathery and forehead challenged King on the way to my seats


11:30 games…as awesome as it sounds


In Arkansas, Wal-Mart always has the best replica jerseys…always


Precursor to a dropped pass, probably


This is Greg Oden’s brother…he is massive, and doesn’t look a day over 40.


Mallett, wearing his helmet on the sideline…only because a straight billed Ed Hardy hat to accentuate his diamond studded earring would just be a little too flashy for noon on a Saturday


John Daly, he probably hasn’t slept or eaten in a fortnight, but dammit he can wear skinny jeans now!


Arkansas fans arent letting a little football disappointment get in the way of looking all dapper and such


Again with these two…this picture will be used as a “last seen alive” photo for the young man later this week


After a long day of Groving and football, our ride finally showed up to take us home.


Arkansas fan chose instead to walk it off…


8 responses to “A Below Average Photo Essay: Houston’s Revenge

  1. Is Shep ripping a cig there?

  2. yea…shep is a chain smoker

  3. Ed Hardy hats aren’t straight-billed; they’re curved, much the same way SEC kids/alums like to roll theirs. As a Southerner acclimated to life outside the South, I find your jab at straight bills kind of provincial.

  4. Must, travel, to, the, Grove.

  5. Dude, you rock! Thanks for the laugh and may we NOT HAVE another 11:30 game for a long, long time! We coordinate the Mobile, AL Rebels tent where you are guaranteed to find great food so drop in the next time you are in town. Find us on facebook. Enter Mobile Rebels in the search box and you will find us! Hotty Toddy!

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  7. haha, i was at this game and saw the guy in the vick jersey. damn was he proud of that thing.

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