Case of the Mondays

Abigail Clancy

Woman of the Week: Abigail Clancey.  Sure she’s nice to look at, but she’s British, so when she opens her mouth to speak I’ll be sure an have a pocketful of shiney sixpence to keep her at bay.

  • The best Gameday signs from the weekend in Provo [CGB]
  • Trying to come to grips with UT’s near miss at Bama [3rdSIB]
  • Lamenting SEC officiating [Dr. Saturday]
  • (Sons of) Anarchy reings at LSU/Auburn [EDSBS]
  • Good Snead showed up in Oxford Saturday [RCR]
  • The real Kiffycopter [LWS]
  • Paul Rhoads is Proud of his Iowa State upset in Lincoln [SBNation]
  • Discussing the legalities involved in the whole ESPN/Deadspin feud [Clay Travis]
  • WVU fans refrain from burning couches, class up the joint for UConn [SportingBlog]
  • Sean Salisbury is now suing Deadspin as well [Deadspin]
  • The NY Post wins at adjective usage [Sportress of Blogitude]
  • Steve Phillips got the axe from ESPN [SbB]
  • The Saints laugh at your ideas of parity [Fanhouse]
  • Other shirt suggestions for Jeff Fisher [Tirico Suave]

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