A Below Average Photo Essay: Red Stick Weekend


Ahhh…another odd year, another fall trip to Red Stick. Just like the four trips prior, another loss for Auburn. If only we could have avoided that time between 6:14 pm to 9:00 pm on Saturday night, it might have been a flawless road trip. Many thanks to the folks at Bogie’s for allowing us to drink your red bull and crown and dance on your floor (and on your stage) on Friday and Saturday nights. Your women were nice too. A few photos of what we saw this weekend after the jump.


Have we seen this before? We actually know the owners.


And yes, we know the owners of this one too. In fact, they used to own that limo.


 More vehicular LSU pride.


Cornhole safe and secure in the trunk. Not reason to think it will fall out on the drive back to New Iberia.


We saw more people taking pictures of these dogs than Mike the Tiger.


Maybe because Mike was not very photogenic. Too busy eating a pumpkin when we saw him.


Bogie’s in Baton Rouge. Go if you’ve never been. You’re never too old (my mom even joined us for few minutes). Tons of SEC Poon. Plus, you also might run into current LSU football players (like Charles Scott) or former players (like Rohan Davey). Even the likes of former Auburn players Brandon Cox and John Vaughn were in attendance. Pretty sure John Vaughn gets free drinks for life at every bar in Baton Rouge. Jamie Howard has the same deal in Auburn.


Soul Rebels Brass Band at Bogie’s in the Tent. Check’em out if you can.



The Greatest LSU Tradition: When the LSU Fight Song plays at Bogie’s, everyone wins…FREE JAGER…poured straight from the bottle into your mouth.

P1000273 P1000258 P1000259

To conclude, gotta give props to our tailgating hosts on Saturday. Dennis, Clark, et al., we thank you for your hospitality and what seemed to be an endless supply of sausage, jambalaya, brisket, ribs, yellow hammers, bloody mary’s, and beer. Very good. Very, very good.

Programming Note: Bunkie makes the trip down to the Plains this weekend. Next week, expect as good a BAFE as you can get for an 11:21 am game at a school that is on a 3 game losing streak with a fan base that has lost all hope. Good times.


One response to “A Below Average Photo Essay: Red Stick Weekend

  1. oh yeah. i along with thew, murph and Cray will be there as well. Call one of us Bunkie.

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