An Epic FOTP Field Trip


FOTP embarks on what is sure to be an epic field trip in the morning as I, Bunkie Perkins, head over to Auburn to meet up with the suave and debonair Mike Medallion for the weekend.  our adventures will not only include the Ole Miss/Auburn game (11:30 game, die a slow and painful death already) and all that the Plains Halloween nightlife has to offer (translation: coeds dressed in slutty outfits), but we’ll be icing down the Natty Light and heading to Talladega for the Amp Energy 500.  An aggressive weekend to be sure.  When I emailed medallion earlier this week for some semblance of an itinerary, the following is the schedule I got:

Basically, you fly in on Friday, go back to my house to let me get my stuff.  Head to Auburn.  Eat dinner somewhere with my sis and possibly her roomates or others.  Go to 17-16. Go to Sky Bar (we get in for free cause we’re over 30…ugh). Go to Supper Club. Go home. Wake up 3 hours later. Go to tailgate. Tailgate for a few hours (visiting others). Game. Leave at middle of 4th quarter due to blowout Ole Miss win (I wanted to leave in the 3rd but you wouldn’t let me), go walk around some. Go to downtown, find bar, watch football. Go back to my sisters. Regroup. go back out for dinner. Go to 17-16. Go to Sky Bar. Go to Supper Club. Go home. Wake up 3 hours later. Drive to Dega. Park 3 miles away. Walk to track. Tailgate with friends. Watch race. Drink beer. yell helllll yeaaahhh, alot. Then drive back. SLEEP.

Hell yeah indeed.  Expect the mother of all Below Average Photo Essays Monday or Tuesday.


4 responses to “An Epic FOTP Field Trip

  1. hey hey hey, don’t forget hanging out with the clinton admin. staffers who too will get into sky bar for free due to our old age.

  2. i want to hear more about the sisters.

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  4. Last I heard from this DUO they were eating dinner with Auburn Cheerleaders. Hopefully that is a Above Average Photo Essay alone…

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