Making of Cullman Liquidation Commercial feat. Robert Lee

confirms that Robert Lee is every bit the man you thought he was (he doesn’t sell mobile homes to people who aren’t intelligent!) and that Nancy the sales girl really is kind of hot. If you missed it last week, the original commercial is one of the better things to be featured on the interwebs so far in 2009. And it made an instant legend out of Cullman Liquidation proprietor and FOTP personal hero Robert Lee.

Not surprisingly the making of video reveals to us that the commercial was not filmed by Cullman locals, but Rhett and Link a couple of aspiring comedic internets filmakers with quite a few credits under their belts. In this particular concept they seem to be going around to small towns and doing a “Pimp My Local Commercial” so to speak. So far so successful…


One response to “Making of Cullman Liquidation Commercial feat. Robert Lee

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