Brandon Spikes Will Gouge Your Eye Out

The ability to see is clearly a formidable advantage on the football field.

To neutralize said ability would be a gain for one’s opponent. So it looks like Brandon Spikes is probably going to have to dig around inside your helmet to try and pop your eyeball. BUT in his defense, he doesn’t really look like someone who would intentially partially blind you. Does he? DOES HE?

Brand Spikes

Nah. He probably just got his hand trapped in there and panicked trying to get it out.

[HT: derek4431]


3 responses to “Brandon Spikes Will Gouge Your Eye Out

  1. The “eye-gouging” is clearly speculation at this point. Previous opponents indicate that Brandon is more notorious for the “nose-honk” followed by a Three Stooges laugh.

  2. does anyone else think that Florida’s a bunch of effing cheaters for suspending him for ONE HALF???? Ridiculous. Moral high ground there, guys.

  3. You would need a map and a search party of six to locate the moral high ground in this case.

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