Hey Ole Miss Students, Knock That Shit Off

The Chancellor has made his plea, Shepard Smith has eloquently offered up his two cents, and even Orson had some ingenious solutions…now its my turn.

Dearest Ole Miss Student Body,

Cut that shit out, seriously.  

Just let it go.  You’ll get over it, I promise.  I know because I was right there in the middle of the student section some years ago waiving the confederate flag in support of by beloved Rebels.  Hell, there’s was a picture of me and the rest of the Ole Miss faithful on the cover of the USA Today, waiving the flag, during the height of that controversy.  It took a forward thinking Chancellor in Robert Khayat, and a head strong football coach like Tommy Tuberville to get that practice changed.  And they were right.  Really really right.  And you know what else, we totally got over it pretty quickly because we realized it didn’t mean all that much to us in the long run because we weren’t hate mongering racists hell beant on preserving the pride and dignity of the Old South and all of the tenets that it stood for by God!, all we really wanted was what was best for our school, and ultimately, ourselves.  The national perception, and more importantly to me…the health and well being of the football team, was more significant than some piece of cloth on a stick that came in more handy to stir my bourbon and coke then it ever did to cheer on my Rebels. 

All that being said, its one stupid line in one stupid song, that, if you’re are so enraged and adamant about losing, probably indicates that you have some deeper seeded issues beyond cheering for mediocre football.  If that’s the case, may we offer a musical alternative, I’m sure the band could learn it.

In closing, seriously, stop it with TSWRA.  And fuck you for making me so mad that I used a Randy Newman reference.

Thoughts and Prayers,

Bunkie Perkins


7 responses to “Hey Ole Miss Students, Knock That Shit Off

  1. Well done sir.

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  3. Very well written. It’s a shame that a symbol some honestly admire for the sake of heritage and history has come to mean only “hate-mongering racism” as you put it, BP. But alas, you’re right. We need to quit chanting it, even though it’s a harmless chant and anyone that is truly offended by it needs to adjust their skirt. But this is the world we live in, and your piece makes a lot of sense. A lot of sense.

  4. mike watlington

    Hey screw you! It has nothing to do with race, and yea we could get over it if we let go, but where does the f’n political correctness end.Next what? you want to do away with the cross that represents our savior Jesus Christ just because some idiots use it(and disgrace it)like the klan.

  5. In your eyes it has nothing to do with race, as it had nothing to do with race in my eyes when I was a student waving the flag, however, its about perception, politically correct perception or not, its still perception. And frankly, I choose to have the public perception of the University that I hold a couple of degrees from to be one that is above reproach, or at least as much as it can be. And as to your cross/klan point…the cross, as it stands as a religious symbol, would never be done away with due to some small scale connection with racism…conversely, the larger symbol of racism that the flag and TSWRA has should take precedent over some small scale feeling of school pride or southern heritage.

    All that being said, you have given me a bit of insight…I totally think Jesus Christ ought to be the new Ole Miss mascot…that merchandise sells itself, people!

  6. well said bunkie. mike watlington, your post is as stupid as this whole TSWRA bullshit. it’s not tradition, it never was, you and your douche bag buddies are screwing with a wonderful tradition in From Dixie with Love. Burn to son of a bitch to a CD and chant it at Shiloe all you want, but cut that shit out at the game so we can keep our wonderful songs and the real tradition of Ole Miss. You’re fighting a battle you can not win here. you’re just making everyone look bad AND contributing to the loss of one of the SEC’s best gameday songs. in closing, quit this shit and do it now

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