A Below Average Photo Essay: Your Boise State is Showing Edition

Always your source for first hand mid-major football confrontations, FOTP ventured over to the People’s Republic of Ruston, a place where heavy drinking and tones above a normal speaking voice are not tolerated, to watch the BCS busting whirlwind that is the Boise St. Broncos tee one up on a Friday night.  I fully expected to be warming the bus back home up by the mid 3rd quarter, but those insolent scamps from Louisiana Tech had other plans.

DSCN0950Friday Night Lights…sans the pep talk from the Dread Pirate Leach.

DSCN0953Apparently there are more Friday night options in Ruston than I realized…


…but there is obviously nothing better to do in Boise

DSCN0955Tech’s recipe for success has no ingredients that read “forward pass”

DSCN1081Call me a war-mongering zealot, but Im not sure this is the best use of military fire power

DSCN1084This fan club could stand to recruit a few more members


Early on, business as usual for Boise…


and honored guests even bought a ticket to see the show


Well, thats about what I expected.


The painfully caucasian sidelines for the Broncos seemed satisfied with the effort


You typical Tech fan…cheering for the Bulldogs, but keeping that LSU paraphernalia close to your ass just in case

DSCN1228The lasting legacy of Terry Bradshaw…#12 dance team outfits


Then all of a sudden, things took a turn…


…and escalated rather quickly


And the band joins in a completely pointless exercise


but in the end, Boise made it look like they weren’t pushed for even a second

DSCN1563and poll voters leave the stadium none the wiser.


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