Nike Pro-Combat, The Complete Collection With Slogans!

Starting this Saturday, Nov. 14 (and appearing throughout the month), 10 very special college football teams will get to fill Oregon’s shoes as a canvas for Nike Interns as they take the field wearing the “futuristic” Nike Pro Combat uniforms. It is a win/win for historic programs who are always happy to take extra bags of cash and for Nike who can erase the invidual school’s identities and make them into distinctive symbols of the Nike brand.

And if you thought Nike’s talents were limited to sneaker, jersey design, and LeBron James commercials think again… they were also able to come up with 10 ridiculous (or ridiculously awesome if you are a pre-teen) slogans that will be available (we assume) everywhere in the days to come on dry fit Nike t-shirts (note: despite this temptation most fans have no business wearing dry fit in public).

Anyway enough exhibition, take a peek at what look and slogan they cooked up for Virginia Tech, TCU, Ohio State, Florida State, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Wash…errr LSU, Mizzou, and Miami:




(Latin for “…so that I may serve…” anywhere but the quarterback position)




($1 to Tom Petty eh Nike?)




(Clear victim of slogan writer’s block)




(Very pertinent for Tallahassee on multiple levels)




(To what’s left of Sam Bradford’s shoulder?)




(What is this the sequel to Armageddon?)




(I guess… if your guys play Iron Man ball and never get injured or tired)


LSU **no really that is LSU not Washington**


(Now you are just getting lazy and stealing Starbucks blends)




(Sounds like a power-up in a Sega Genesis Videogame)




(Bo already knew 20 years ago)

We will say the Pro-Combat gloves are pretty cool, in a garrish 90’s fashion meets future football technology sort of way…














Now if Friends of the Program could write a SLOGAN it would go something like this…


(Dear Nike, we of course kid and will gladly take FOTP Pro-Combat Gear and wear it this weekend or even every moment of everyday, just think about it, you don’t have to answer now…)

201 responses to “Nike Pro-Combat, The Complete Collection With Slogans!

  1. Fuck Nike.

    I hope Under Armour bankrupts that ass.

    • HERE HERE!!!

      If a school needs to wear god-awful shit like this to get their players & fans fired up about a RIVALRY game, then they are merely low rent second tier programs trying to suck the last little bit of cash from their already poor inbred classless fanbase…

  2. Cochon De Lait = Suckling Pig… WTF?

  3. I guess LSU will be wearing the jerseys for the Arkansas game?

  4. The LSU uniforms are just like the University of Washington’s. Real original.

  5. Didn’t we just say that? Well there you have it…Christ, died for our sins, poor reading comprehension skills. Who knew?

  6. In Louisiana we know Cochon De Lait = Pig Roast…

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  8. I wasn’t thinking it was going to be specific to a certain game… all is clear now…..

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  10. the uniforms are ugly and the gloves uglier. don’t like any of them……….

  11. FSU going black…

  12. All horrific. Leave the experiments to Oregon. We’re used to it up here by now.

  13. FSU’s look the best IMHO. Different, but still works. There are more detailed photos of FSU’s out there if you search.

    • FSU’s are the shit… and as for the slogans, I don’t know about all the other teams but we have been using “Fear the Spear” for years. Nike didn’t just magically come up with it. If ya’ll don’t like the look, check out the specs on the new material. It’s lighter wet than the old jerseys are dry… and these designs are limited use. We will revert to the old designs on the new fabric after this.

  14. As a 50+ year Tiger fan, I just have to say that the unis they designed for us well and truly suck! But the gloves are cool.

    LSU is gold pants, white jersey and our signature gold helmet, not white, white and a wretched old gold.

    Thank God this is for only 1 game!


    • Um our traditional wear is yellow and white. That’s not gold. It may sound ‘classy, by saying gold but it makes us look color blind. Georgia tech and notre dame is gold. LSU is purple and yellow

      • Precisely. The color is yellow. Calling it gold is like saying you’re embarrassed that it’s yellow, which is silly. LSU’s unis are sharp…but they’re yellow, not gold. Notre Dame, UCLA, Georgia Tech, Boston College…those helmets are gold. LSU, Green Bay, Arizona State…that’s yellow. Why would any proud Tiger want to pretend their color scheme was the same as Washington’s? Embrace the yelleaux, Tigers. No matter how often you call it gold, it’ll still be yellow…and so be it.

      • No actually LSU IS gold. It’s called athletic gold and is much different than yellow. If you don’t believe me get a yellow shirt and put it next to a LSU shirt. They are quite different!! Y’all are talking about metallic gold which is altogether different. If confused go to and look at t-shirt colors!!! There’s yellow then there’s gold then Vegas gold which is what Washington wears!!!

      • noooo…it is Purple & Gold…it may not be 24-kt gold, old gold, etc. as fla st., nd, or other teams wear, but it’s called yellow-gold. and actually..lsu’s true colors are blue and white like penn st. huey long had the colors changed. And to be honest..I like the pro-combat uniforms. they have a more “pro” look.

  15. the Miami gloves are badass.

  16. Just updated with some new photos, LSU, OU, and FSU gloves and some better jersey shots.

  17. @Ken, yeah I’d say if anyone got the short stick it is LSU. I don’t like what they did there. Like you said it is only one game and the odds are the kids will like it.

  18. Ut Prosim = That I May Serve

    It’s the official motto of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets.

  19. THESE ARE SO TERRIBLE. I’m glad they didn’t get ahold of Penn State, and thank God Notre Dame and Nebraska are sponsored by Adidas. Dear Nike,
    Outfitting athletic teams with over one-hundred years of tradition should not be taken so lightly. Stop making these teams look like fools. Take a tip from Reebok and the NFL, let’s turn back the clock not “move it forward”(as if anyone in the future would stand for these uniforms anyways).

    • Amen, Tha Don!

      You must also be old enough to remember sports uniforms from the 1970’s that looked as though a gang of intoxicated hippies had stumbled into a finger paint warehouse, then passed out in a clothing store.

      How embarrassing for all the SI cover athletes of that era (except of course for Ohio State and Penn State).

      If my Sooners lose at Texas Tech dressed like outter space clowns, I may go off my meds on purpose, just long enough to draft a new fight song for Oregon and mail the proposal to Congress. They’ll sign anything.

      I was thinking of a Boomer Sooner spin off. . . What rhymes with “Duck?”

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  22. Let me go on record as saying, if you hate those gloves then you hate America. Don’t let the terrorists win people!

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  25. “FSU going black…:

    and never going back?………

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  27. As a 27 year old Mizzou fan i think the uniforms are awsome and a needed change. Thanks Nike!

  28. well they lsu havent roasted the pigs the past 2 seasons.

  29. well you havent been doing any pig roasts in the past 2 years.

  30. Aw, quit your whining you haters. I’m a player for one of these schools and we couldn’t be happier about the new threads. WE dig the hell out of em and WE think they look KILLER. It looks like only a couple of you get it–but then again, most of you never played and wouldn’t get the vibe anyway. Football is ENTERTAINMENT, geniuses. It’s only an alternate uni, may not be worn more than a couple of times. And one school I know of is auctioning theirs off for charity. But of course, I’m sure you’ll find something to hate about that. You keep hating to your little mind’s content–we’ll be having the time of OUR lives in fun new unis and not caring what you think.

  31. Hmm. Is it a good thing that I don’t recognize any of these teams? Everything looks sorta bland to me, except for the gloves, which are eyesores.

  32. Change is cool.
    “It’s All About The U” should have been Miami’s slogan tho.

  33. @Mr Know It All old school fans and BLOGS are going to whine and moan about change for the most part. It is what we do. It is quite clear the players will love these which is really all that matters, so I wouldn’t let it bother you.

    For the record I think most of them look pretty good especially FSU & Mizzou. Some of them are kind of generic. My biggest complaint would be the loops on the shoulder pads found on most of the uniforms as that is overt Nike branding and makes you think, “Hey that is a Nike pro combat uniform” as opposed to “Hey that is INSERT TEAM NAME’s uniform.”

    I don’t like that practice of branding a specific Nike uniform over a school’s tradition.

    But all in all most of these schools will only wear these new digs for a weekend and it will be fun to see them. So no it isn’t a big deal.

  34. BEAST Mode is an acronymn, FYI for MIZZOU

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  36. OK all you T-Shirt Fans…Go read the history of why they made the uniforms the way they did…it’s pretty interesting

  37. well mr. up, maybe a link would help. i’d love to read how frog skinned pants and helmets relate to the rich history of tcu football. is that they way slingin’ sammy wore them??

  38. Nike needs slapped in the head. These are hideous. Nike doesn’t care about college tradition.

    Mr Know It All, I hope you don’t play for the Sooners.

  39. they do know that ‘cochon de lait’ means “milk of the pig,” right?

  40. Your readers are a literate bunch.

  41. @payne Ah-Ha! I knew it was a Starbucks latte blend…

  42. oops, sorry, it’s been addressed. brought me back to days in cajun country for a minute there

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  45. Looks like these should come with giant red shoes and a multi-color wig.

    Fucking horrible

  46. All of these jersey’s are amazing especially the scaled pants of TCU, how can you not like them… too bad Texas doesn’t wear black and burnt orange that would be awesome… The only reason people have to stick to lame colored tradition is because they jealous they aren’t wearing them

  47. Dear Mr. Ponder:

    Sorry about the shoulder.


    DeAndre McDaniel

  48. Never put numbers on a helmet, plus the longhorn ugly need a black uniform like oregan 12 uniforms

  49. LSU looks nothing like LSU
    I hope whoever designed these dies in a brush fire

  50. I’m getting the LSU gloves to wear around the house…. I mean to protect my house.

  51. This has been over 2 years in the making…the coaches and Nike got together and did come up with things that are symbolic to the University. Texas = DKR era

    • Stupid is Stupid does, Texas needs a change in uniforms for sure but add different color i.e black. They wore numbers on the helmets a couple of years ago and got called out on it nobody likes it DKR or not

      • Called out? They did that for the opener in 2005 and it was a tribute to the ’63 National Championship team, because that was the uniform back then. Nobody called them out, in fact, it was a hit, which is why they decided to go with this design. This uniform is a throwback, not a new design. And as far as needing a change? There are some uniforms you just don’t mess with. Texas is one, Bama would be another.

  52. These are awesome! Everyone is such a dumbass for thinking these are bad. Like the gloves, badass! Go Gatorssssssssss!!!!

  53. Cool page and great pics! Please have a look at our page too!


  54. These uniforms are awesome. And they don’t have to be traditional cuz they’re supposed to be futuristic temporary uniforms used for marketing. Plus they’re so fresh and so clean clean!! Go Gators, aligator skin is awesome but the acc definitely got the coolest designs.

    • you’re obviously some new money white trash red neck who roots for a school who has barely made a skid mark on the underpants of college football history…

  55. Glad to see schools with TRADITION have not sunk this low…

    Schools like Alabama & Penn St would disband their goddamn programs before they allowed Nike to dictate that they wear such LOW RENT trashy bullshit like this…

    • Umm Foster Keats, just for your information The University of Oklahoma is the most storied program ever as shown by ESPN, so you need to just shut ur mouth on tradition. On top of that some of these are old school uniforms with a new twist. No harm no foul i think it’s awesome that teams are trying them out other than oregon because we all know we would never be able to see them all as many unis as they have

  56. ACC has the best looking… Go Canes! Just wish you could see more helments.

  57. Gay, faggy($1 to Michael Scott) shit. And WTF does Nike know about “Combat”????

  58. Futuristic? A real fututistic design would mean something on the face of the helemt facing the opposition. For example an open Gator mouth looking at you and his body and tail spelling Gator down the sides of the helmet.
    Swamp blue jerseys with Gator hides showing from under the “water.” And the pants could continue the picture. This is futuristic, not just changing the colors of helmets, etc…

  59. This is an absolute disgrace. I have been following Texas all my life. When I saw Nike doing this to other teams in years past, I thought Texas would never let Nike do it to them. I am ashamed. This is garbage. Absolute garbage.

    Nike can rot for doing this.

    • How is this a disgrace? What is so radically different about the Texas uniform. It is basically identical to what they have now with exception to a patch honoring DKR. And the numbers on the helmet above the longhorn to honor an era that made Texas football what it is today.

      What is your problem?

  60. Sorry guys, I just realized how big of a fucking fool I am. I don’t think before I type things sometimes.

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  62. wow, so “sexy” uniforms! LOL! well, nice post, really nice. it was interesting to read slogans!

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  65. The U is a University of Utah slogan used by them since the 1910s, way before Miami even existed. They are actually triple “U”s University of Utah Utes. Whenever I tell miami fans about this, they look at me in disbelief. All I have to show them is several 1910’s pictures of fans doing the “U” with their hands. It is hillarious, the look on their faces. Ha ha Ha. Miami all show no substance (I am not talking about the univeristy here, I am talking about the city. I should know I lived there for over 40 years)

  66. UF uniform looks like our 1960’s deal when we couldn’t win a game even if we bought it. Where’s the freakin’ orange helmet? All blue? They have the creativity of a rock.

  67. LSU used that shade of gold way back before the glory days of the 1950s, so NO it is not copyng Washington! Geez!

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  69. GATORS!!! NEVER change the color of our helments!!!

  70. is Orange and BLUE!>.they have a freaking song called that!>..where in the F is the Orange? Who is the freaking retard and Nike that came up with this one? Is it the same tard that named a womans shoe after some mythical killer of woman years back? Gawd this world is in turmoil with rampant stupidity!

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  72. For those of you saying Texas should wear black is ludicrous. Have you forgotten about a certain Texas team that wears all black in Lubbock???

    Yeah burnt orange and white will do fine.

  73. These uniforms are the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Jiust when I thought Nike couldn’t fuck up anymore…they do. I’m a VT fan and I hate the uniforms. All white? Real original Nike, and poor LSU. The uniforms they have are one of the best in college. The news ones may be the worst. I wonder how fans will react on gameday when the team runs out with these ugly ass things on. I’m glad Notre Dame and Michigan are Adidas and Alabama and Penn State didn’t give in with this. Soon all teams will look like Oregon.Congrates Nike on fucking up again!

    • Hey man, for the record a lot of these uniforms have been inspired by some of these teams former glory days.

      The LSU gold is not a Washington or Notre Dame copycat, its the same gold the 1940s teams wore.

      The Ohio State uniforms are inspired by their 1954 NC team

      The Texas helmets are to honor the Royal years at the helm.

      The Oklahoma jerseys are inspired by the 1955 NC team.

      I realize not all directly correlate with teams of years past, they do all have some sort of meaning behind the supposed madness a lot of you are suggesting. But for teams like Miami and FSU, they do this stuff pretty regularly.

      Even if you hate it, its for ONE GAME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.
      Do you really think LSU, OU, OSU, and FL will be going out on the field Oregon style… not in a million years. Take a Chill Pill!!

  74. No I haven’t forgotten about the Tech jerseys being black but at least they embrace new traditions, thats the worst part about going to a Texas game there are new traditions, sorry ‘Texas… Fight’ does get a little old same with our colors and you can’t hate it until you try it, black and burnt orange would look bomb

  75. No I haven’t forgotten about the Tech jerseys being black but at least they embrace new traditions, thats the worst part about going to a Texas game there are no new traditions, sorry ‘Texas… Fight’ does get a little old same with our colors and you can’t hate it until you try it, black and burnt orange would look bomb

    • We did try it. See basketball 2005 vs. Duke.

      It didn’t look bomb…it simply bombed.

      • I liked it then love it now get a fashion sense we need a change 3 uniforms will do and black would be awsome you say it bombed because they lost get real

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  77. I’m not gonna lie… Florida’s unifirms are legit homo… can’t do away with the orange helmets…

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  79. Why are yall Texas people mad? They didn’t change anything if anything it’s an updated throwback. The only traditions they messed with was OSU’s helmets. Everythings the same except they used less fabric to make the jerseys lighter.

    • Who knows. We have the people who are mad because Nike even touched our unis…then there are the people who are mad that Nike didn’t add black. Then there are the people who aren’t mad at all because they realize that the new uniform is, like you said, an updated throwback to the uniform of the late 50s early 60s, and actually think it’s cool.

  80. good jersey
    that i never look in my country 🙂

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  82. the slogan nike came up with for virginia tech is “good guys wear white” not ut prosim. ut prosim is the school’s motto and means “that i may serve”

    • @Jake the tee shirts say that, but we are posting a high res photo gallery of the VA TECH and TCU uniforms tomorrow and VA TECH has UT PROISM written all over it.

  83. If Texas ever does away with the two skinny stripes or adds black I think I’m going to have to shoot myself. It’s very refreshing to know that of all the teams that went into this weekend gimmick, Texas was able to put the foot down and not look ridiculous. I’m sure we have Mack Brown and Deloss Dodds to thank for that. And I’ll tolerate the numbers on the helmets for one game. I guess…

    And I feel sorry for FSU and OSU…changing helmets that much is a crime. Especially FSU to black…

    • I’m kind of disappointed at how unoriginal the UT uniform is, especially compared to the fsu one which is badass. I love my longhorns, but something could’ve been done without changing our colors, burnt orange helmets with white longhorns would’ve been different but not bad, oh well, Hook ‘Em! \m/

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  86. Hopefully that dude does not play college football…. I bet his coaches would love him talking on here!

  87. I’m open to change, however, most of these are unoriginal and just plain ugly. I’m a Tigers fan shaking my head at our uniform. I’m definitely not fired up looking at these. You can’t just ignore the traditional colors of a team.

    I was really looking forward to seeing something exciting here.

  88. The Ghost of Bear Bryant

    Let Nike design your team’s uniforms and your players too will look like gay fashion models. Not that it’s a bad thing, if that’s what you like…

  89. How un-American, take away tradition and most of these, thank God, aren’t as ugly as Oregon. Just take away our colors and try to call it cool. It’s ashamed the University needs to take the money to do this. I agree with the vulger comment already posted, two words said it all. How petty our great universities are becoming, next year I guess it will get worse.

    Nike, just stay out of this area.

  90. LSU does not wear old gold anymore. Tradition is tradition. Don’t jack with us cajuns, Nike! You’ll be sorry you did! GO TIGERS !!!

  91. Cochon de lait? These guys at Nike need to learn something about Louisiana culture. Cochon de lait is translates into pig on milk. In south Louisiana cochon de lait means roasted hog over an open pit. The milk part comes from using a suckling pig or a pig on milk. In reality, the suckling pig is injected with spice and then roasted resulting in a great time spent with friends at the cochon de lait. Fine and dandy, except everyone outside of Louisiana rightfully thinks the slogan is pig on milk. Way to go Nike…you idiots. And by the way, the uniforms suckle.

  92. Mizzou and TCU look the best!!!OSU is bad*ss as well!!!Go Bucks!!!!!!!!

  93. Looks like LSU’s are thermal underwear. lol

  94. ugly ugly ugly where is the color gloves look cool

  95. What a bunch of whiny puds!! if it was left up to you whiners, we’d all be driving Model T’s. These unis KICK ASS. Each one comes from spending weeks with each program and represents the best of the future with the best of the past. Each slogan comes from the TEAM not NIKE you dumb asses.

    Glad someone has the balls to move you losers into the future instead of clinging to “tradition”.

  96. jesus died for our sins… and this was one of them. whoever designed these should be raped and burned alive in a cremator.

    • Hey John you deuchbag….just a little reminder…thier uniforms not that important. Think that you need to calm the holy reverance down a bit and if your going to make comments like that use your real name chicken sh**!!!!!!!!

  97. This is marketing at its best. How much is Nike paying all their Saturday game day models to market their products on the football field? $0.00. These schools are getting millions of dollars and the coaches are getting their wallets padded with cash. I think all the players should get a cut too? Adrian Peterson is making big dough doing Nike TV commercial spots and he wears Reebok Unis on Sunday. I think the guys that are making the real plays during a real game wearing Nike for 3 hours on the tube at a time should get their slice of the Nike empire. This is worse than all their sweat shops overseas that make your tennis shoes that cost $10 to make and you pay $100 for. At least those folks are getting paid. Nike has everyone fooled. Except Me.

    • enough of the sweatshop crap! where do you think your computer is made? where do you think your tv is made? where do you think the shoes you’re wearing are made? College football is all about the money… why do you think there’s no D1 playoff. if you want utopia, go look to pee wee football!… DARN, those kids need gear too. bet Nike makes it. should they pay the 8 year olds too?

      what a pud.

      • Pud,
        It’s guys like you that wear your Nike headband with your Nike Tube socks tucked in your Forrest Gump Nike shoes to the gym and stare at yourself in the mirror. You are soo coool!! Not! Maybe Budweiser can get you into their Real Men of Genious ads “Mr. Fishhook wearing, checkmark adorning, Wanna be athlete Nike infatuation guy” Get a life Pud!!!!!

  98. New traditions,

    Texas is all about tradition! I mean I love the traditions it has. At least they are not as stupid and bad as A&M’s thats for sure. I think this uniform is a good enough change for me. I don’t like the numbers above the Longhorns, but they changed as little as possible.

    I mean if you don’t like tradition I think you would be really happy being an Oregon fan.

    • Yeah I remember the black basketball uniforms different game. so what tech has black uniforms
      let wear them twice a year all black get a backbone longhorm fan

  99. They just showed the TCU gear up close – subtle frog skin on helmets and pants. Very cool.

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  101. Cochon de lait? Excuxe me for my first post, I finally got it. LSU is wearing the stupid uniforms at the Arkansas game. Get it…roast pig. Nike cracks me up.

  102. “Lsu guy // November 11, 2009 at 9:48 pm | Reply

    Um our traditional wear is yellow and white. That’s not gold. It may sound ‘classy, by saying gold but it makes us look color blind. Georgia tech and notre dame is gold. LSU is purple and yellow”

    LSU Guy-

    Actually, LSU’s gold color is “sunflower gold”, not yellow. Paul Dietzer picked that color and instituted the gold pants to replace that Godawful white ensemble with the old gold helmets the team wore from 1950-1954.

    The Nike unis are an attempt at a futuristic looking throwback to those horrible outfits.


  103. LSU Guy-

    Actually, LSU’s gold color is “sunflower gold”, not yellow. Paul Dietzel picked that color and instituted the gold pants to replace that Godawful white ensemble with the old gold helmets the team wore from 1950-1954.

    The Nike unis are an attempt at a futuristic looking throwback to those horrible outfits.


  104. STFU all you haters, the uniforms look good, not to mention their better! lighter and more efficiant! and besides its not like they’re permanent, its temp so dont go all crazy about it, you guys are retarted nothing can make you happy haha gators are taking it all the way hate on that now 🙂

  105. I love OU’s uniforms as these are a throwback to what we wore in the Bud Wilkinson era!

    • Hey, OUJON! Don’t encourage them!

      The uniforms of the Bud Wilkinson era were not worthy of those teams.

      Throw-back is OK for a game, every now and then, but this had better not turn permanent. I’ll cancel my cable – OU football is all that I watch on it anyway now.

      I’d rather listen to Bob Berry stumble through play-by-play on the radio and just imagine what real Sooners look like.

      The rich crimson helmet with the OU paperclip logo on it cannot be improved, especially by going back to a bunch of nothing with a stripe down the middle.

      And I really resent that hellish Nike swoosh upstaging the microscopic little “ou” on the collar.

      Who at our university would help sabotage several decades of improvement on what used to be pride-less, non-descript “mere-gear?”

  106. They are trying to make everything look like a video game. Those uniforms are ridiculous.

  107. alright. all these jerseys are awesome, too bad football fans hate it when their teams change uniforms. Seriously, LSU’s jerseys are getting old, same with OU. Get over it, Nike, Puma and adidas do stuff like this in soccer all the time and the fans embrace it.

    • What’s this?

      Are we now going to embrace what soccer fans like?

      Since when has Europe gotten anything right?

      These are the people who riot when their teams lose, who let their governments seize 80% of their monthly earnings, at jobs their governments permit them to apply for, and who have their health care rationed by oligarchs who hang out at cocktail parties in Switzerland and the Hague.

      Oh, wait, that is going to be the next version of US by 2012. . . Guess we are Euro-stupid too.

      In that case, cancel American football and break out the soccer shorts all ’round.

      Vee mite ass vell get een line vis zee new vorld order, ya?

      No, sorry. I’ll take rednecks any day. Yee-haw.

      “Give me real football or give me death!”

  108. All Miami fan needs is a pair of gloves that makes the “U”.

  109. these are not for one game they will be used in the 2010 season this is just a preview but i hate OU’s

    • Why do you say this?

      Was this a Boren-Castiglione decision?

      How many OU fans can you see around the state buying ball caps that mirror the helmets?

      Plain white with a red stripe down the center?

      Watch merchandise revenues fall like a rock.

      They’ll be dropping Nike like the Pac-Ten agents of communist infiltration that they are.

      Oh, by the way, Texas Tech has wicked uniforms because they have no tradition except the recent Twighlight Zone atmosphere Leach brought with him. They MUST dress like freaks. It’s their way, and we all love them for it. One black sheep per family keeps black wool special. Make everybody weird and you have, well, France.

  110. Yo wtf you guys talking bout these uniforms go in yoo they crazy especially the FSU the gloves are iight but hop off they go hard

  111. JoePa would keeled over and died if they tried to put THAT on Penn State

    • You’re tellin’ me. Penn State belongs in plain navy and a white helmet. Anything else is not PSU.

      But now my Sooners have had their identity stolen and replaced with a white helmet. It’s like giving an entire state and national fan base a frontal lobotomy.

      “You will forget who you werrrrrre. . . You are now who we sayyyyyy. . . “

  112. I think the new uniforms for Florida are awesome especially the white helmets! My father played for Florida in the 1960’s when we had the white helmets and he also played in an Orange and Sugar Bowl with Spurrier! So the white helmets with the orange down the middle are a great idea! Go Gators!

  113. First of all, Nike designs are bad. Period. Look at how crappy Oregon’s uniforms look each week. Looks like some Star Trekie is doing the designs. Trash them.

  114. What are you LSU fans mad about? After all, don’t you refer to your team colors as purple and GOLD? It always seems like yall’s jerseys are purple and yellow though – not gold. Well, now you can finally say purple and gold and tell the truth.

  115. charles trawinski

    where can i purchase a buckeyes jersey?

  116. Wow, so UF thinks they need some gimmicky new costumes to amp up their team enough to compete with Bama? Guess that speaks to Urban’s confidence in his team.

  117. First off, and sorry if its’s already been said, but Nike did not come up with those “slogans”; those are mottos used by each individual team. So the the original writer needs to check their facts. Second, as is normal with ANYTHING, evolving and improving on what is around is a good thing. But with most things, people are afraid of change; we get comfortable in what we know and resist or fear what we don’t.
    Nike has designed these new looks as a way of seeing what is possible for the future, but aren’t setting it in stone. That’s why it’s only for one game; the schools may adopt parts, or even nothing at all. Which frankly would be unwise, at least as far as the technology is concerned; the materials used in the jerseys, gloves, shoes, are lighter, stronger, and more moisture resistant than those being used now…so why wouldn’t they want to use that?
    Finally, I have to say some look better than others. I kinda like the Mizzou and FSU looks the best, and the TCU ones looked sharp in the Utah game. But I am an Oklahoma State fan, and while I may not know what went into choosing the schools (and it was probably decided a long time ago) but after this season, how can they justify doing an Oklahoma uniform and not an Ok State? I am really tired of some of these schools just skimming by on their reputation (USC anyone?) Maybe I am just a little jealous, haha, but I would love to see what they could do with Ok State’s uni’s, even though the current ones are already pretty sick.
    Anyway kudos to Nike, these looks are not bad, atleast way better than the crap Oregon flaps out in half the time. Evolving doesn’t spell death to tradition, as long as it is done the right way.

    • Hey Cowboy!

      Your Pokes are welcome to try out any of these new designs. You have had several over the years and the school cannot settle on a good one.

      Personally, I think black helmets with Pistol Pete on them would be slick.

      But they are going to make my Sooners wear white on white with white, oh, and a little crimson on the shoes, where they stuck OUR LOGO!

      Roll the dice and invite Nike in for a conference with Coach Gundy, but you have been warned.

  118. LSU’s one-off uniform is too plain but the gloves are great with the Eye of the Tiger logo on each palm. It’s too bad the NCAA regs require grey and black gloves because they would be awesome in Purple and Gold

  119. most of these are fucking boring it looks like they put no effort into it, miami oklahoma texas VT nd LSU’s all blow i like TCU’s tho

  120. It seemed like the hard point of NIKE are being lost from the past..I disagreed with this style..

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  123. WOW!! I cant believe all the negativity on these… really! whats the hate on them. yeah there ugly. im not sure whats they overall motive. other than money of coarse.. but these are meant to be fun. and the schools have signed off on these.. Im sure for a reason or another. Ohio States is from 1954 national champions.. I think they’re bad ass….. the gloves are ALL nike of coarse.. there going to be alotta fun to watch.. no differant than the ugly ass NFL uni’s they’ve came out with. im sure most of you guys have bought one of the those. and if you still dont like them….. dont watch them. turn the channel to a rerun of “my life sucks”

  124. Sooner magic on the gloves? Really!? Sooner fucking magic!? They already have a two word slogan that’s kinda popular, you know that whole BOOMER SOONER thing? That actually means something to the sooner faithful and this is bullshit! put boomer sooner on the fucking gloves. Jesus Christ, I like the uni’s because only the pants are different really and they are nice. But Sooner Magic!? Get real…

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  126. The FSU uniforms are insane, as in I love them… I feel that while tradional is respected, a little new school design didn’t hurt anyone. I like all of the new designs and look for them in future years to become the new look of uniforms. Lighter, more breathable material to maximize performance on the field.

    • Yeah, FSU’s look bad to the bone. You should be happy.

      You’ll notice what “Duck-Boy’s” company did to my Sooners’ look.

      The tiny ou on the collar pales in size next to that obnoxious Nike swoosh.

      Whatever Okie agreed to that contract for us to even practice in them rags might be feelin’ rope ’round his neck a’fore nex Sat’day noon.

  127. I really think that the jerseys are an original idea. I mean it’s not Nike’s fault that they are kicking Adidas and Reebok in the butt. Now I will agree, LSU does look like Washington. But overall, they look good.

  128. OU played their first game in Dallas when they should have played at HOME. That was a huge jinx on OU. They lost the game and may have lost Sam Bradford’s chances at a pro career.

    Now they are going to try out new, horrible uniforms at Texas Tech. I predict this will be another jinx. We could only win this game if the Sooners run out onto the field and the Red Raiders die laughing.

    Bob Stoops is a jackass. I hope he DOES go to Notre Dame.

  129. Thank you for your fashion artistry, Nike, but no, thank you.

    We’re not Oregon.

    Why don’t you re-design Pac 10 referee uniforms. . . running the stripes horizontally (especially the replay booth officials)?

  130. Wow…Chevette…cool it a little…people might think you a bit jealous….whoa

    • Mr. M,

      Don’t answer fools like Chevette according to their folly, or you will be like them yourself.

      Some of us Sooners have learned to chirp like crickets when such morons try to run Coach Stoops out of the state. It shuts them up quicker if they think nobody heard them.

      Chevette doesn’t remember sitting through games with Gary Gibbs, John Blake, or that guy in the Captain Kangaroo jacket.

      Shhhhh. “chirp. . . chirp . . . chirp . . . chirp.”

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  132. haters. you didn’t even play football. it’s fun sitting back and raggin on nikes endorsements. i bet it really is. it’s not about the money, its about making a great thing better. i will buy the LSU t-shirt. and i WILL wear it at “cochon de lait.” Nike is the premiere brand amongst countless athletic clothing brands. It will always be able to take on sports in a new manner and give it a name. protect your house UA. dress like a champion, play like a champion. why do we wear suits to interviews? you slobs can sit on your computer with grease-stained t-shirts and blow it out. hatin’ just because you were never part of an athletic team. GEAUX TIGERS!

  133. If nike is gonna change anything they should only of changed the logo back to old Gator logo of the 90’s

  134. These jerseys are a one time game kind of deal they arent hideous as most people who arent 30 would say they like the jerseys I mean sure you can complain about tradition but its not like they are changing the colors( unless your LSU) but dont complain about them the players will love them and the students will love them and some of the teams that complain about tradition might want to think about getting some new jerseys anyway because tradition isnt helping people win as a college football player i know that many of my teammates and friends around the country love them and like them more than our “traditional jerseys”

  135. U LSU fans do know da thing about da pig is cuz they are wearing the uni’s against the Arkansas Razorbacks(Hogs/Pigs)

  136. it will be nice to see the longhorns at the national championship game in black

  137. Okay …Im the possibly the Biggest Hurricane Die Heart fan…Im cool with the New Uniforms i think they look pains me to say this but…Ugh!.. Wooooosaaahhhhh…But …*deep breath*…exhales!

    Florida state has the Best New Uniforms!

    There i said it…

  138. Texas, OU, OSU, VTech, and LSU Uniforms SUCK MONKEY BALLS!!!


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  140. all you people who are crticizing these uniforms are gay!!! those are some cool unis. yay to the future look. thats just like the dri fit b ball jerseys. thumbs up to nike.

  141. TexasHookum,

    Never ever will Mack Brown or Will Muschamp ever forsake the uniforms and put black on it.

    I think Texas wearing black football uniforms is about as likely as OU wearing burnt orange.

  142. BK: Hookin 'Em from the student section

    Just gonna say that I think the UT unis look pretty dang cool. They didnt really change anything except moving the numbers on the helmets from the back to the side. As far as the black unis discussion goes for UT, they are wearing these against tamu, which is an away game, therefore, they cant wear black tops anyways… But even if it was a home game, the official colors of UT athletics does not include black… IMO the white threads look the best anyways…

  143. I’m a complete fag for uni’s admittedly. even back in HS in the mid-90’s I’d sketch uni’s for teams when I was bored. Being a marketing guy in the collegiate marketplace I’m all about trends, merchandising, and capturing spirit.

    These pro combat concepts are Shit! There is no originality, no tradition, no nothing to get excited about, where’s the spirit and the differentiation? Where’s the niche? and 37% isn’t enough to get bent about, not that remarkable imho.

    The TCU helmet and all of the gloves are pretty cool, even tho they’re clones of dirt bike gear w/ school logos.

    I knew OU’s uni’s would be a jinx, and I hope LSU’s will be too.

  144. LSU is rolling out their monstrosity today, but I’ve got the full images out ahead of the announcement:

    Interestingly, they are now showing a helmet that’s closer to LSU’s gold, not Washington’s

  145. I don’t like any of them…I’m a huge nole fan and i can’t stand that design. Wrong shade of garnet, wrong shade of gold, you suck nike

  146. Why do these idiots get on here blaming NIKE for their Uni’s? YOUR COLLEGE PICKED THE COLORS AND SLOGAN!! GROW THE HELL UP LAMES…go complain to your College…write a 12 page letter..kiss it and spray your perfume on it…cause you guys are acting like little GIRLS!

  147. Mizzous jersey’s are sick!! Awesome pants too! Those are are the shit, shouldn’t drop anything when we are in Beast Mode!

  148. i bet if all but 2 wernt away jerseys they would look a lot better. more color. better design

  149. Cochon De Lait does not mean a Starbucks coffee it means Roasting of A Pig

  150. Just another thing football takes from rugby, real original.

  151. Bobby MFEN Petrino

    LSU’s slogan should be Corndog De Lait….

  152. alabama just signed a contract with nike for the pro combat uniforms where are those?

  153. Why did LSU get the worst uniforms?

  154. to all of you that hate these uni’s, you are all fucking retarded. these uni’s are sick and am looking forward to many more. Majority of you bitching are old washed up bums who will never amount to anything in life. Nike is a desiginer dynasty and these uni’s show it. You bitch about tradition…Its a fucking uniform, settle down. Its for the younger generation cause they dont like ur old shit. Like it or not times are changing…get used to it

  155. Who designed these things? They look like they were designed by a gang of gay high fashion designers, working along side the costume designers for the old Buck Rogers movies. Leave the team colors and logos alone!!
    I apologize, that is unfair to gay people!!!

  156. You guys who are bashing Nike, remember the universities are willing participants. When Nike says, “We’ll give you free uniforms and a cut of the profits,” cash-strapped universities say “YES SIR!” Somehow, Penn State is well-enough endowed that it can say no. A few other schools (ND, OU) also stand for tradition. Interestingly, this is twice in the last 5 years that Nike has offered Miami a “free” new helmet design. Thankfully, they didn’t succumb to that pitch.

  157. This Pro-Combat Launch from Nike Football is absolutely bonehead move by these 1o historic programs. I cannot believe that these coaches actually believe that these designs would actually aid their teams in any ways. How do you think historic alumni feel about how you are completely trashing their legacies and traditions? I’ll tell you what happened, Nike had this “awesome” business idea that they would advance how we view sports, you guys are idiots! You do not screw with the uniforms of the University of Florida. Sure, it worked in Eugene, NO ONE CARE ABOUT OREGON. The only reason that Oregon is relevant, is because you guys modernize their uniforms. This gives you no right to go to places like UF and Texas. Ridiculous. The NCAA needs to tell Nike to back off. Bring back the traditional uniforms and forget this happened. Programs completely pissed off their fan base, and the country, I can’t believe Nike put all of their respect into the hands of 10 interns, Horrendous, absoutely dreadful. Everyone nows sees how much power Nike has in sports, and it’s scary how money completely changes your mindset, and money is no problem with Nike. I hope people and Nike realize it’s time to back off, you are epicly abusing your power. Just stop it.

    • nobody said it would “help” them. And besides, uniforms don’t hurt or hinder a team’s perception or history. I wish people would just shut up about the whole “messing with tradition” thing. It’s not like they put a damn swoosh on the helmet. same logo, same colors. And like I keep saying-LSU’s colors-yellow-gold and purple. They wore gold a loooong time ago and changed the “tone” to a yellow-gold. they’ve worn white helmets, gold jerseys, etc…and lets not forget those atrocities that oregon wears!

  158. whats wrong with change it adds to the hype of the game.the jerseys loook good and fuck under armour

  159. All of these new uniforms are extremely nice except Texas’..there’s no difference and i’m not feeling the numbers on the helmet. TCU has the best ones followed by FSU then MIAMI. The gloves are amazing. Nike did a great job with this one. Anyone who disagrees needs to loosen up and embrace change.

  160. In my opinion, I believe the uniforms are pretty sick. =]

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  163. They need to come out with 10 more teams every week, and they also need to bring this idea to the kansas city chiefs and to all of the NLF

  164. Overall, these uniform designs are the shit! No other concept comes close to the Nike innovation. From technology to materials these product define future force of contemporary athletics. As a designer/ artist, I encourage other departments to follow suit and get with trhe program. PEACE

  165. These jerseys are awsome. Everyone shut up.

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