Avoiding Shreveport

avoiding shreveport

Shreveport…where erotic fair food is welcome and encouraged

There are very few things more disheartening among SEC than the prospects of spending the bowl season at the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, Louisiana . But a mediocre season and an 8th place finish in the toughest conferences in the land will get you some nice parting gifts and an all expenses paid trip to the Port City. Teams and fans alike are sure to enjoy the oppressive heat, street violence, and…hey look, casinos! But this year it means even more as the shamefully proud Indy Bowl is cutting ties with both the SEC and Big 12, instead choosing to disappoint a whole new batch of fans from the ACC and Mountain West in the coming years. So, its time to get sentimental people! Its the last run in Shreveport for the SEC, so lets make it count! Time to cash in those free Jack Binion’s Horseshoe buffet vouchers before its too late! And to commemorate this last year, every week FOTP will be taking a look at which SEC teams have the best chance of going bowling in East Texas the third most glamorous city in the Bayou State.

1.  Arkansas (5-4, 2-4)  They control their own destiny at this point…a destiny that will probably end with a girl, ironically, also named Destiny, doing unmentionable things for a 20 spot at one of the Shreveport/Bossier’s fine gentlemanly-type establishments.  Now that’s a grail quest, people!  The Hogs have Troy and Miss. State at home before heading to the bayou over Thanksgiving.  Winning 2 of 3 puts Arkansas in good position, maybe even too good.

2.  Georgia (5-4, 3-3)  It was hard not to move the Bulldogs to the top spot this week. 7-5 and maybe even 6-6 seems like a very real possibility.  Nothing easy left on the schedule with Auburn and Kentucky at home and then a trip to Atlanta where Paul Johnson is likely to unleash fullback dive hell on the folks from Athens.  If I was Georgia fan, I might be pricing Port City Motor Inns right about now.

3.  Kentucky (5-4, 1-4)  One win and they’re in, eligibility wise, and that victory is most likely to come in the form of a trip to Vandy this weekend.  If they somehow fall victim to Bobby Johnson’s charm and good looks, it could be an uphill battle with games at UGA and against UT, not to mention Kentucky fan’s general disinterest in the entire goings-on thanks to the start of basketball season this week.  If they don’t make it, I blame John Wall.

4.  Ole Miss (6-3, 2-3)  They played completely and totally uninspired football this past weekend, so to honor that, I’ve taken the same attitude with this post.

5.  Mississippi State (4-5, 2-3)  The hardest remaining schedule of any of the contenders.  Bama this weekend, then to Arkansas, before the Egg Bowl in Starkville.  Unless something ridiculous goes on in the next week, Ole Miss and Mississippi State could be battling for the right to cap off the SEC’s reign of terror in the Indy Bowl.

Out of the Poll This Week: Originality

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