Smoke Weed, Talk Sh*t Like Lane Kiffin Part 2

Sometimes when rappers rap about your head coach talking sh*t and smoking weed players take it seriously. Kiffin did of course thank Lil Wayne for the street cred, I wonder if he’ll also thank Nu’Keese Richardson, Janzen Jackson, and Mike Edwards for continued enhancement of said cred:


Nu’Keese Richardson, Janzen Jackson, and Mike Edwards were being held at the Knox County Detention Center.

According to victim statements to police, three men were sitting in their car outside the Pilot at 2218 Cumberland Avenue. They say a male in a hoodie approached the passenger door showed a black semi-automatic handgun and asked for money. A second male then approached the driver’s side door and asked for money. Then a third male told the other two they needed to leave.

The victims, identified as Corey Zickefoose, Benjamin Everett and Corey Smith, called 911. Police were then dispatched and a search started for the suspects including a reported female driver.

Police then found a vehicle matching the description near Gibbs Hall on the UT campus. The four suspects were then detained.

A search of the car revealed marijuana paraphenalia, two black hoodies, and a CO2 black powder gun.

The whole “we have had no arrests since Ive been here” thing held water for an entire 24 hour period.  That’s downright Fulmer-esque right there.

See what had happened is… ahh forget it. We should have gone to LSU & Florida…




10 responses to “Smoke Weed, Talk Sh*t Like Lane Kiffin Part 2

  1. I bet Urban is so happy Nuke went north.

  2. Hey Todd – You think?

  3. You know what you are getting into when you hire Coach O and Frank Wilson to do your recruiting for you…

  4. I don’t care how old you are, 18-85 yrs, if you make a verbal commitment your word is your bond! It shows a basic lack of character. Nuke was a piece of crap and we Gators had no inkling until he backed out of his FL commitment.
    You won’t believe me when I say it BUT I thought this would happen. Lack of character is a felony waiting to happen.

  5. Fortunately for Kiffin the arrest was overturned by the SEC Replay Officials who saw no evidence of wrongdoing.

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  7. You can take the playa out of Pahokee, but you can’t take the Pahokee out of the playa……fire up the fax machine at Pahokee High, “Da U” just sent transfer papers….

  8. hey
    Im in ktown, not a vol fan but an alumnus. kiffin’s whole story at ut will revolve around his reaction to this. coaching job has been first rate. the two robbers should never darken a college football field again, jackson’s role depends on when he was aware of what they were doing, but at any rate does not need to disgrace tennessee by appearing in any game rest of year. if he was unaware, a long rehab, absolutley no mistakes beginning in 2010 would be proper the bounty hunter

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