A Closer Look at Nike Pro-Combat TCU

As you can see by the comment section in our post on Nike’s Pro-Combat Uniforms, there is A LOT of interest in the launch of the line. And to give each take a fair shake we’ll try to individually feature the uniforms as Nike releases Hi-Res previews on the program’s 10 teams. Showcasing here potential BCS Busters and Horny Frogs of Texas Christian University.

Nike designers immersed themselves in TCU Horned Frog history and lore to bring inspirational cues to the look and direction of the Nike Pro Combat uniforms.

The entire system of dress features aesthetic elements inspired by the Horned Frogs’ fearless attitude and promising future. Nike was even able to digitally sublimate a horned frog skin print on the new TCU uniform pants and helmets.

The team’s “Don’t Back Down” mantra is embroidered on the inner collar of every jersey, as well as the cuff of the Nike Vapor Trail 2.0 gloves and on the sock liner of the Nike Zoom Vapor Fly cleat. The red lines down the center of the helmet represent the blood that shoots from a horned frog’s eyes when under attack. They also stand for the “bloodlines” of the brotherhood that unite the team.














After a closer look give us your thoughts in the comments section or we’ll have to shoot frog blood from our eyes at you…


6 responses to “A Closer Look at Nike Pro-Combat TCU

  1. Looks like the popularity of the “tramp stamp” with the kids is rubbing off on football fashion. Whats next……

  2. sometimes you have to change with the times to stay competitive. I like the futuristic look!!!! something different and nike is doing a great marketing strategy to sell them.

  3. My father served on staff at TCU for 54 years and passed away in June. These uniforms are far from the tradional TCU look so not sure how he would have viewed them but, I liked what I saw. Would love to have a jersey on my office wall or a Helmet. Also, having played football through highschool, lighter weight the better. Wet uniforms do get heavy late in the game

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