A Below Average Photo Essay: The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry

Auburn UGA 2009 1

After staying in Cumming, GA (must resist making a joke) on Friday night (unfortunately, we didn’t make it there early enough for the 9th Annual Steam, Antique Tractor, and Gas Engine Exposition – that would have been a great BAFE), we headed to Athens on Saturday for the Deep South’s Oldest Rivarly. The weather, tailgating, co-eds, and first 10 minutes or so of the game, at least for our crew, were top notch. We also learned that the fire alarm will actually sound if you try to use the emergency exit stairs in the Learning Center near the stadium. All in all a great Saturday, if only the outcome of the game had been a bit different. In any event, here’s some photos of what we saw in Athens…


In other words, no fun was had at the UGA Baptist Center. Also shocked that dancing didn’t make the list.

Checking out the UGA Poon

We, and even the scalpers, spent time checking out the co-eds (a/k/a poon) in Athens. Using our rusty poon ninja skills, we tried to get a few shots of the co-eds in Athens. We missed one particulary lovely one puking her guts out in the bushes by our tailgate, but were still able to get a few shots (note: a considerable amount of cropping had to be done):

P1000561 UGA Girl 1


P1000573 P1000604


Poon Crossing.

UGA Tailgate 1

The SEC tailgater is always innovating ways to get co-eds drunk…faster.


Only Kenny Irons is good enough to hand out with the Most Interesting Man in the World.


The greatest promotion ever.


There’s the high class and overblown way to arrive in Athens…


and the red neck and overblown way.

 P1000606  P1000605

P1000600  UGA Tailgating 4

It was like one big, mega-tailgate in front of the library and the law school.

UGA Octo-Funnel

UGA Octo-Funnel. If only I had 8 friends…


Not sure what this is, but apparently it wants you to recycle.


Prelude to the inevitable.


Even Auburn Santa couldn’t help.


Never say that the halftime isn’t dangerous.

P1000665  P1000666

In closing, a few words of advice: Never leave your camera with your friends when you go to the restroom at halftime. And never take photos of your crotch with the camera of a guy that writes a sports blog or you might find those photos on the interwebs.


3 responses to “A Below Average Photo Essay: The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry

  1. What’s that ,in the sky watching over you, on OCTO FUNNEL? 12th man in the sky, to pick signals?

  2. You letf out these classy photos of what the campus looked like after the game


  3. Michael Medallion

    Those photos are from the “mega-tailgate” that I refer to in the post. As you might expect, we didn’t stick around too long after the game (so I couldn’t take any photos of the aftermath).

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