A Closer Look at Nike Pro-Combat Oklahoma

As you can see by the comment section in our post on Nike’s Pro-Combat line, there is A LOT of interest in the launch. And to give each take a fair shake we’ll try to feature the uniforms as Nike releases Hi-Res previews of the program’s 10 teams. Here we have the Bobby Stoops’ Oklahoma Sooners.

Nike designers immersed themselves in Oklahoma Sooners history and lore to bring inspirational cues to the look and direction of the Nike Pro Combat uniforms.

The uniforms respect the past of Sooner football, drawing inspiration from Bud Wilkinson’s famed “fast break offense” that led the nation in scoring and won National Championships in 1955 and 1956. An all-white helmet is a nod to the teams that played during that era (1946 to 1956), as are the clean lines on the jersey and pant.

Oklahoma’s team mantra “Sooner Magic” is printed on the inside of the jersey collar and on the cuff of the Nike Vapor Trail 2.0 gloves the team will wear.

What does Sooner Magic do for you? David Copperfield or GOB Bluth? Let us know in the comment section.


5 responses to “A Closer Look at Nike Pro-Combat Oklahoma

  1. Shouldve added the OU symbol to the helmet.

  2. I think ripping every @#*! Nike logo off every garment in my home state would complete our transformation to a truly, completely RED state.

    By the way didn’t we used to have “Oklahoma” on the away jerseys and “Sooners” on the home reds?

    Maybe I’m imagining things.

    But that’s better than the guys at Nike – I think they are “smoking things.”

    But I must admit – the Seminoles’ helmets are bad to the bone.

    We have no war symbols, and I’d move to Arkansas if they put the schooner on the helmet.

  3. Well its not like this is the permanent uniform. Its just a promotional deal for Nike. We’ll be back to our old uniforms we’ve had for ever soon. If anything, they will go back to the style we currently have, but with Nike Pro-Combat set up.

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