A Closer Look at Nike Pro-Combat Ohio State

As you can see by the comment section in our post on Nike’s Pro-Combat line, there is A LOT of interest in the launch. And to give each take a fair shake we’ll try to feature the uniforms as Nike releases Hi-Res previews of the program’s 10 teams. Here we have the Sweater Vest’s own Ohio State Buckeyes.

Nike designers immersed themselves in Ohio State history and lore to bring inspirational cues to the look and direction of the Nike Pro Combat uniforms.

The uniform draws inspiration from the Buckeyes’ proud football tradition, particularly the teams of the 1950s. In 1954, Ohio State used a goal line stand to defeat Michigan en route to capturing the National Championship. To salute that victory of 55 years ago the Buckeyes are wearing all-white helmets with their clean-look uniforms.

The motto “BUCKEYE TRADITION” is embroidered on the inner collar of every Ohio State jersey collar as well as on the cuff of the Nike Vapor Trail 2.0 gloves.

What do the New Buckeyes do for you? Let us know in the comment section…


8 responses to “A Closer Look at Nike Pro-Combat Ohio State

  1. Question… are OSU and OU exactly the same except that they added a little gray to OSU to differentiate?


    • They are supposed to resemble the 1954 National Championship jerseys. Look up some images and you can see the similarities. Pretty cool take on them if you ask me.

  2. Absolutely awesome. I can’t wait to see these run all over Ann Arbor this weekend.

  3. These are the best jerseys to me. I would really really love them if they were the red home jerseys!

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  5. I must be imagining this….all of you LIKE the design? This is an embarrassment to a team that for decades has represented a classy and understated program. The uniforms we already have ARE THROWBACKS – they are classic designs that reflect the classic tradition of the team. Now we’re willing pawns to Nike in their efforts to build sales through endless permutations of horribly tasteless designs (it looks like they gave some thirteen year-olds some colored pencils, told them to do whatever they want, and went right into producing this junk). I thought the iconic sleave was stupid but this is worse. I’m deeply dissappointed in OSU for taking part in this. Deeply, its frankly something Michigan would do (and has done).

  6. jvt1977 – the new jerseys are awesome does it really matter to you what jerseys they wear…talking about being pawns of nike? your kind of a weirdo…the jerseys change every year from when ohio state first started playing football in the early 1900’s they didnt have buckeye stickers, jerseys with numbers, or shiny silver helmuts, all of those came through change out of the years we wouldn’t have some of the traditions if we didnt have change once in awhile so shut up, and deal with it……..and for god sakes man just root for the buckeyes

    whether new jerseys old jerseys or naked GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. IRONY: The inside of this ugly, untraditional uniform bears a slogan that celebrates tradition. Stupid.

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