A Closer Look at Nike Pro-Combat The U (Miami)

As you can see by the comment section in our post on Nike’s Pro-Combat line, there is A LOT of interest in the launch of these new uniforms. And to give each take a fair shake we’ll try to feature each as Nike releases Hi-Res previews of the program’s 10 teams. Here we have The U known more properly to most as The University of Miami.

Nike designers immersed themselves in University of Miami history and lore to bring inspirational cues to the look and direction of the Nike Pro Combat uniforms.

Miami’s new uniforms are “All About The U” and the school’s proud football legacy. Graphics on both the jersey and pant wrap around to the back, representing the “everybody is behind me” speed of the team.

“THE U” is embroidered on the jersey’s inner collar as well as on the cuff of the Nike Vapor Trail 2.0 gloves. The split colors on the jersey numbers for the first time mirror the traditional split “U” on the Hurricanes helmet.

What do you think? Randy Shannon or Butch Davis?


8 responses to “A Closer Look at Nike Pro-Combat The U (Miami)

  1. Wouldve looked better on the green or orange home jerseys. They’re pretty plain.

  2. They do have the best gloves though!!!

  3. “The do have the best gloves though!!!”


  4. And these are different from their current uniforms in what way??

  5. They didnt do the Orange jerseys because the numbers woildnt look right with an Orange bckgrd… you see how it (the numbers) looks exactly like the split “U” on the Helmets. So yeah I see why they chose White…I would have liked more colors BUT im loving it!! They’re Awesome to me!

  6. Awful. Just awful. They looked like long underwear on tv. Leave our uniforms alone.

  7. New uniforms look very professional and great. Go Canes!

  8. LOVE these!! Nike hooked miami up with this one

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