Below Average Photo Essay: Your Lesticles Are Showing Edition

This is usually where I’d write something semi funny about the FOTP annual pilgrimage to the Ole Miss/LSU game, a game known in small circles that appreciate overly cumbersome and aesthetically unpleasing trophies as the Magnolia Bowl.  I’d say something insulting about LSU fans wearing purple and gold jump suits.  I’d mention how the good folks from the bayou smell of and demonstrate their love for corndogs.  I’d probably even make some self-deprecating joke about Ole Miss football just to balance things out and make you click on the jump to see all of the pictures. But this whole weekend was a little to surreal for the usual.  There was LSU fan, of course, in their usual awesome ridiculousness, but there was also, the Klan, riot police, and Les Miles…oh Les Miles.  So lets just get to it instead, shall we?

Good old fashioned SEC hate…in an overly formal setting

And speaking of hate…the Klan showed up, they were not well received

In happier news…LSU fans were welcomed to the Grove with the food of their native lands

Traps were also set…

…but LSU fan was undeterred…

and impeccably dressed.

This kind of hate makes wearing a vest almost excusable…almost

Color scheme aside, those stripes certainly are slimming

And when Tiger fan is in town…drinking takes precedence over things like, say, nourishing your newborn

And with such alcoholic urgency comes casualties

Houston Nutt…with almost as much security as the Klan

The Legend of Powe has his own tailgate

Some fans chose to resort to cane pole fishing for Tiger fans…

While other decided to run decorative trotlines…presumably for efficiency’s sake

All jokes aside, it was nice to see that LSU fans got their nourishment at pregame…they’d need something to settle their stomach later

“OK, so we’re clear, block in the back call to start things off, then maybe an illegal touching penalty just to catch them off guard..”

John Chavis’ face, just one giant mustache

“also, and I know this is gonna sound crazy…do you have a watch I can borrow?”

Gratuitous cheerleader shot


Jevan Snead…not as suspect as previously anticipated (at least for one night)

Spike it…no don’t…I mean, timeout!…I…I…I dont even know anymore.

Where is your Ram God now!?

What another year of serenity looks like.



4 responses to “Below Average Photo Essay: Your Lesticles Are Showing Edition

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  2. Good GOD at the huge rack on the chick in the background of the LSU prison stripes photo.

  3. You misunderstood. The alcohol is actually FOR the baby. Gotta get ’em started early.

  4. Is the striped jumpsuit standard prison issue in the state of Louisiana?

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