Case of the Mondays

Woman of the Week: Laura Vandervoort.  Sure she is a member of an alien race hell bent on destroying humanity, but she looks amazing in a bikini, so theres room for compromise I think.

  • Les Miles, dumb, big fat liar [Deadspin]
  • “We knew we were going to run out of time if we tried to attempt a field goal, so we were trying to attempt a field goal.” [Dr. Saturday]
  • The guys at RCR take inventory of the weekend [RCR]
  • Godfrey goes all big leagues on us, live blogs the game for OleMissSports [OleMissSports]
  • College Gameday signs from Zona [CGB]
  • Tragedy befalls an Oregon cheerleader, let us all rush to her aid [Busted Coverage]
  • Tebow’s “girlfriend” resurfaces with less clothes on than before. [SbB]
  • Lane Kiffin gets his Super Mario Bros. on [EDSBS]
  • Mike Francesa breaks down “The Blind Side” [TiricoSuave]
  • Tony Dungy is gathering a following [KSK]
  • What McNabb really said to Cutler last night (Meatwad!) [TheSportingBlog]

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