One Million Served

At some point today, our little ol’ corner of the interwebs, somewhere stashed in between topless pictures of Bea Arthur and videos of kids accidently kicking their dad’s in the cods, has hit 1,000,000 page views.  Thems is paltry numbers for some, but they’re our paltry numbers damnit!  Thanks to all who have ever linked us, from the Deadspins, EDSBSs, Busted Coverages, and Dr. Saturdays of the world to the rest of you o’ blogging brtheren.  To all of the SEC message boards that have completely plausible theories of how Nick Saban is totally leaving Alabama and coming to their respective school, thank you too for the love.  And finally thanks to all that waste mindless moments over here throughout the day.  We encourage you to continue your patronage.

And to show our gratitude, after the jump, insanely hot women in no particular order or cup size.



4 responses to “One Million Served

  1. Classless post. I think I speak for the entire NWA crew when I say, “Lost me as a reader.”

  2. to the contrary… I think Kelly Kapowski wraps it all up in a tight neat bow.

    [sarcasm off]

  3. damn, you could iron a shirt on that version of thiessen…and yet to my childhood loins it got no better.

    keep up the good work boys, you’re one of my daily stops.

  4. @ZSkrilla…Id expect nothing less

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