Case of the Mondays

Woman of the Week: Elin Nordegren Woods. The holidays are stressful enough, what with the extended family milling around, all that food preparation, and the national headlines about your husband allegedly having an affair.  So it seems pretty reasonable to think that such stress might drive someone to attack said husband, scratch up his face, and then wield a golf club as he tried to escape…or save him from a freak accident, whatever.
  • Did you hear?  Tebow played his last game in the Swamp. [TimTeblog]
  • Hey, so about the Egg Bowl… [RCR]
  • The Grohmentum finally came to a screeching halt in Charlottesville [Dr. Saturday]
  • That West Virginia education was worth every penny (or raccoon pelt, Im sure thats redeemable up there) [CGB]
  • It got a little chippy during the USC/UCLA game [SbB]
  • Jim Harbaugh thinks the Heisman is a little more important than the easy win. [TiricoSuave]
  • So, um, Tiger Woods had an, um, interesting Thanksgiving [Deadspin]
  • Photos of the Woods home wrecker in question [Busted Coverage]
  • Josh McDaniels…articulate leader of men [KSK]
  • Vince Young, good again, probably still crazy [SBNation]
  • Baylor Women’s Hoops player throws down a legit dunk [TSB]



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