Bobby Bowden Knows His Role

It official, Bobby Bowden is being shown the door after his many years of exemplary service on the sidelines for a University that was nothing more than a teacher’s college before he showed up.  These last few years have been unkind, including this season’s 6-6 campaign.  Its a disappointing end to a highly successful coaching career.  But take heart Bobby, the fair University that is handing you your hat is going to let you stay on “in some capacity”.  Coach Bowden, welcome to your likely capacity… 

…and everyday low prices.

[Photoshop by TZilla]



One response to “Bobby Bowden Knows His Role

  1. Bobby Bowden has nothing to be ashamed of after deciding to retire. We all know deep down he wanted Paterno’s record but Florida State needed younger blood to keep up with Florida, Miami, USF and every other team in the ACC. I was never a fan of FSU football but I sure respect what Bobby Bowden did for that program and college football.

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