Gotta Have More Cowbell … TO SMASH YOUR FACE IN

It’s all fun and games until someone gets smacked in the face with a brass bell typically used to attract cows to a desired location.

Mississippi State University police detectives are searching for a male suspect in the assault of a student with a cowbell amid the post-game celebration at last Saturday’s Egg Bowl game against arch-rival Ole Miss.

This is all according to The Starkville Daily News.

The victim had some friends from Ole Miss with him in the stands, and, after MSU won the football game, some verbal sparring occurred with the suspect that turned violent, culminating in the victim being struck with the cowbell, Massey said.

“It split his head open pretty badly,” said Massey, who would not comment on whether alcohol may have played a role in the incident.

We’ll comment on whether or not alcohol played a role in the incident: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Dear SEC,

It is one thing to allow MSU to blatantly illegaly use artificial noise makers, but when they start using the things as weapons, well that is just unfair. As long as MSU gets their cowbells, we fully expect to be allowed into the next SEC Football Game we attend with nunchucks and brass knuckles. They are a great accent for cheering and a perfect punctuation for an epic rivalry beatdown.

I'm sorry, did my victory fist pump catch the side of yo FACE?


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