Bama Fans Like Turtles, Use Them For Competitive Advantage – Movie Adaptation Pending

You can add Alabama Crimson Tide fans to an elite list of people that already includes Zombie Children and Marching Band Members. I am of course referencing the types of people who really really like Turtles.

The Epic Story that follows was forwarded on to us from an anonymous source… it tells of the journey of a young man (from his perspective), his turtle Julio, and their beloved Crimson Tide.

Please enjoy and tread carefully if you have younger children, dark magic & illicit smuggling are central plot points…

Julio the Turtle’s Day at the SECCG

As I said before the game, I told yall I was going to take me lucky
turtle, Julio, who i bought at the VT game, to the game. I followed
through and me and Julio had a great day. I like to rub Julio and/or
his cage for good luck.

The day started at SEC Fan Fair. I rubbed Julio before every athletic
game and won a prize in everything besides the AllState field goal (in
which I forgot to rub Julio). We met the “State” fan who is the
streaker from the AllState commercial and he is hilarious. The ESPNU
area had the host with the mic present Julio to the fans and everybody
thought I was crazy/awesome. Julio and I quickly became legends.
Here is the pic with the actor from the AllState commercial.

After fan fair my friend snuck me and my other friends into the Dr.
Pepper pre game party. Julio was a huge hit at the party. I had
multiple people come up to me and ask me about him and multiple people
rub his cage for good luck.

Here is me and Julio at the Dr. Pepper party.

Then it was time to go to the game. I put Julio in a little bag in my
aunts purse to get him through security. Once I was in i immediantly
bought a souvenier cup and a little water. The people at the
concession stand thought I was the wierdest kid but whatever. Julio
knows he is the man so he didn’t care when the manager yelled at me
and told me that my turtle was going to put disease around his food.
Julio has no disease.

Here is a picture of Julio’s setup in his Cup.

During the game I quickly realized that holding Julio on offense
worked but holding Julio on defense did not. So, during offensive
possesions I held Julio but I let him rest in the cup holder while we
were on defense.

Julio was obviously the reason we won the game. He is undefeated as my
turtle and WILL make the trip to Pasadena.

Here is a picture of me and Julio after the game.

So I got my turtle into fan fair AND into the dome. He helped us beat
Auburn and his powers made us dominate Florida. Good thing he is
supposed to live for 80+ years. RTR!

Julio and I will see you in Pasadena.

NOTE: If you know this young man and his turtle please have him contact us, FOTP would love to purchase the film rights. We see it as a potential thematic sequel to football blockbuster “The Blind Side” with Sandra Bullock providing the voice of Julio the turtle.



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