Case of the Mondays

Woman of the Week: The Jersey Shore girls.  I haven’t seen the show yet, but Im hearing good things.  Im also hearing that Snooki (left) can take a punch…which has got to be an admirable quality for women from New Jersey.

  • The SEC Championship, wrapped in Crimson, soak in Tebow tears [Clay Travis]
  • Making the case for TCU [TSK]
  • The weekend in college football, in graph and chart form [EDSBS]
  • Sign goodness from College Gameday [CGB]
  • Its all just a cute football rivalry till someone spray paints water fowl. [Dr. Saturday]
  • Princess Clausen will enter the NFL draft [SBNation]
  • Urban Meyer should drink more Gatorade [SportingBlog]
  • More cocktail waitresses and bikini models have slept with Tiger Woods [Deadspin]
  • Jenn Brown visits  Alabama…busts some skeet (/innuendo off) [Busted Coverage
  • The Saints may be lucky, but after 40 years of futility and a couple of hurricanes, I think they’re due. [TheBigLead]
  • The ATL is still Mike Vick’s town [Fanhouse]
  • Gozer the Gozarian Branda Warner gets her dance on [TiricoSuave]
  • Ow ow ow [KSK]
  • Larry Eustachy thinks Rick Stansbury is chickenshit [RCR]



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