Assault and Battery in the South: When Grits Attack!

That buttery second degree burning goodness right there

Break-ups are hard.  Its the end of something that was once exiting and promise-filled, but due to difference or circumstance has now become undesirable and expendable.  The toll taken, emotional and otherwise, is lasting.  But take heart, scorned loves, time heals all wounds…even the second degree burn kind that you may get when being awoken out of a sound sleep by the sounds of hot grits being poured on you in a fit of rage…

A Boutte woman who allegedly poured a pot of boiling grits onto her sleeping boyfriend last month was booked with second-degree battery Wednesday.

Carolyn Brown, 44, of Ponderosa Drive, caused second-degree burns on the man’s face and arms, according to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The man told sheriff’s deputies that he came home from work on Nov. 7, got into an argument with Brown, told her that he was breaking up with her, then went to bed.

Thats the kind of delicious domestic violence that only goes on below the Mason Dixon.



3 responses to “Assault and Battery in the South: When Grits Attack!

  1. Al Green had it done to him a few years back. Hot Grits aka Memphis Napalm…..

  2. Reckon if anyone’s ever had it done to ’em with hot french fried pertater grease?

  3. And after she was finished beating him with a steak, she looked for the hot grits to top it all off but found he had already eaten all of ’em…

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