King Hippo To Retire

Everyone’s favorite Toughman Boxer, turned professional boxer, turned MMA fighter, Butterbean, has decided to put away his Rocky Balboa-American Hero shorts and hang up his gloves:

JASPER, AL (WBRC) – Jasper’s Eric “Butterbean” Esch has decided to retire from fighting.

The martial artist will fight his last fight on Friday at Boutwell Auditorium.

Esch says he will pass his skills on to his sons, Caleb and Brandon, who are also mixed-martial artists.

You’ll be missed Butterbean. Though honestly, since we weren’t big fans of USA’s Tuesday Night Fights, we didn’t catch much of your professional boxing career. Same for the follow-up MMA career. So, we’ve put together a few youtube videos after the jump as tribute…

Some highlights:

Butterbean vs. Johnny Knoxville

Butterbean Knockouts (with questionable music selection):

Butterbean 2009 MMA Fight…in a barn…in Indiana…probably a good sign it’s time to retire:

Wrestling, Live at the BJCC…much like the scenes in The Wrestler:


2 responses to “King Hippo To Retire

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  2. It looks like that guy is feeding Butterbean something…which would be shocking, or something!

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