LSU Fans Are Picking Sides

LSU fan…not letting their own disappointing season get in the way of a little Bama hate

LSU fans’ hypocrisy only goes so far…the lengths, in this case, planting a sign in their front yard/swamp shoreline to show support for the Longhorns in their upcoming BCS title game against the rival Tide.  Gumbeaux Tess (naturally) is offering this beauty for the reasonable sum of $9 ($10.50 if you want a stake included, which also comes in handy to harpoon nutria and other indigenous varmints).  

This begs the question, who would Alabama have to be playing for LSU fans actually cheer for the Tide?   Notre Dame? USC?  Valley?  The convict team from Necessary Roughness?  The Taliban?  Satan’s minions from the 3rd circle of hell?  Canada?



13 responses to “LSU Fans Are Picking Sides

  1. From an LSU fan that lives in Alabama.

    What bowl is the MSU Bulldogs going to this year…. I thought so!

    Get a life if you can find one in Starkville.

  2. New reader are ya Rod? 25-23

  3. That’s a trick question, Nick Saban is satan.

  4. Hot Rod, your mastery of the comments section is about as good as Les Miles’ mastery of the 2 minute drill.

  5. Ha, Bunkie called a State fan. Classic

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  8. Yes I am a new reader to this blog.

    I find these comments very interesting and closed minded from one person’s opinion. Although I am open minded and yes I agree with you about Les Miles, because he is a moron coach and wish he would go back to Michigan. He doesn’t belong in the SEC. I would take Tuberville in a heart beat over Miles.

  9. If Bunkie is an Ole Miss Fan, What happen inthe EGG BOWL? Your Brotha, Let you down?

  10. i blame colin cowherd for this shit.

  11. Oh LSU Fan, what do you want. Really, tell us. What is it that you honestly want.

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