The SportsNation Takes Notice

Big site news today.  The World Wide Leader has seen fit to feature Friends of the Program on SportsNation at 4 PM ET on ESPN2 as its “Site of the Day”.  We’ll try and clean ourselves up a bit for our big debut…comb the hair, iron our “Sunday shirt”, and maybe put on a little splash of Aqua Velva in the off chance that Michelle Beadle takes a liking to us.



7 responses to “The SportsNation Takes Notice

  1. As a former honoree, I can let you know it’s not necessary to watch the whole hour. The segment’s right at the end. It’s not that I didn’t like watching Michelle, but there was an equal or greater amount of Colin going on.

  2. No spalshing! Noooo spalshing!

  3. First, a mention on Ron and Fez and now SportsNation. What’s next, Jersey Shore?

  4. I still want credit for everything I’ve done!

  5. She likes grits! I’d like to be the first to say i’m here because of sportsnation

  6. I love sportsnation, and from what i’ve seen here, they picked well.

  7. i love Beadle. (sigh) way to go fellas.

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