How I Met My Favorite Vintage Auburn Shirt

Seriously Marshall Erikson (AKA Jason Segal, the completely naked dude in Forgetting Sarah Marshall) where did you track down such an awesome relic of SEC style past? I (TJ) must know. Don’t get too overzealous though Auburn fans, as a TV sitcom trying to offend no one and appeal to everyone Lily is wearing houndstooth underwear and picked up a meth addiction to prove How I Met Your Mother isn’t taking any sides in the most heated rivalry in College Football…



6 responses to “How I Met My Favorite Vintage Auburn Shirt

  1. I saw that last night. Pretty awesome.

  2. As a dedicated HIMYM fan, I can inform you that Marshall (Segel’s character) rocks several college shirts. He’s had a Pitt shirt on this season, too.

  3. Oh, I also forgot to add, wow, what a fucking gay shirt. Vintage action should be limited to a faded baby blue Col Reb shirt.

    Goddamn Malazahn.

  4. Godfrey, your language is making Col. Reb cry.

  5. They sell that shirt in Montgomery…but as you might expect, its sleeveless.

  6. If it is Sleeveless in Montgomery then it is probably a tank top in Shreveport. BOOSH.

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