Motion to Continue Trial So I Can Yell Rammer Jammer at Texas Fans in Pasadena


It’s happened before in Louisiana (for both the Saints and LSU), so really no surprise that some overly-zealous Bama lawyer (redundant, I know) has put on his best houndstooth litigatin’ britches and asked that a trial be put off so that he can attend the BCS National Championship Game against Texas.

What makes it a bit different than the coonass continuances, though still not shocking, is that the Auburn fans on the other side of the courtroom actually opposed the motion. (Note that one of the other attorneys on the case is a former SGA President at Auburn).

Attempts to resolve this conflict directly with the Plaintiffs has been unfruitful as the reply has been that they are for the other great team in this State who did not make the playoffs.

And to cap everything off, the motion ends as great as it began:

 ROLL TIDE!! (although my secretary is for the other great team of this State, she feels that I need to attend this championship game!); and may the Longhorns be defeated. 

The full motion is after the jump…


[HT: JSM] 


14 responses to “Motion to Continue Trial So I Can Yell Rammer Jammer at Texas Fans in Pasadena

  1. The motion should be denied as the attorney for the Defendents made reference to “the playoffs,” which is, as of this date, still a fictional event in the Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly known as Division I-A.)

  2. No matter what station in life, Alabama fans will always measure there self worth the same way.

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  4. By the way Duke, it should be “their self worth.” Nothing like trying to make your point and showing your own ignorance in the process.

  5. Texas (minor rednecks) are gonna rout Alabama’s (major rednecks) asses in NCAA Championship!

  6. You’re a moron, Friend. A lot of judges would gladly continue a case for any legitimate reason. I know a few judges that went to Auburn that would gladly continue a civil hearing because an attorney is going on a vacation, so why do you think this is a big deal? You’re just pissed off because your team won’t ever even sniff the BCS Championship Game.

    Most likely, the judge was perfectly fine with the continuance, he merely required a paper Motion. A lot of judges follow this protocol. When faced with the prospect of writing a Motion that he knew that the judge would surely grant, this attorney took a few liberties. God forbid he got a lil “overzealous”.

    You know, condescension works a lot better if you’re not an ignorant ass.

    • alex, you’re a fine example of the most dangerous kind of bammer: the semi-literate asshat.

      “won’t ever even?” How about “will never?”, although I would caution your ignorant ass that the implied forever is a mighty long time.

  7. @alex lost all humor as a 1L did ya? Con Law can be a bastard.

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  11. Kudos to Terry for correctly classifying the BCS as a playoff.

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