Rest Easy Who Dat Nation, Your Unknown Soldier Has Been Identified

The search is over.  The unknown Saints fan that appeared gloriously, drenched in flop sweat and awesomeness,  among the Redskin masses during the wild game in DC two weeks ago, has been identified. 

His name is Bill Harris. He really loves the Saints and is happy he got to go to the game as he hasn’t seen a Saints game in some time. HE HAS NEVER BEEN TO THE SUPERDOME!! Tickets to the Redskins game was a birthday present from his son Scot, who got the tickets from his boss. Their family has been Saints fans since 1966! That was the year Dave Dixon got the ball rolling for the Saints to be our team! Their dad went to the Lee Circle Saints ticket office when the first season began in 1967, with hopes of being the first in line. He wasn’t first but he got great seats around the 10 yard line. He said, “That’s where all the action is!” He was right.

Whats more, the search for his identity has produced a plane trip and seats for the once Unknown Who Dat for this Saturday’s game versus the rival Cowboys.  There will also be a reception to follow…

There will also be a meet and greet at the Carousel at the Hotel Monteleone where they will name a drink after him. Day and time to follow.

FOTP demands that one of our faithful readers in the Crescent City get down to the Carousel Bar (an FOTP favorite) and get a picture with this gentleman…and buy him a round on us.  Who dat, sir.  Who dat.



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