Success Breeds, Well, This…

You see, this is the problem with winning.  Everybody jumps on the bandwagon…People begin making reservations for a trip to Pasadena, they start producing premature Championship schwag, and respected legal professionals start asking for a skip day…a little over the top maybe, but understandable under the circumstances.  But when you start allowing housewives to make rap videos about a star player on the team, thats where a line of socially acceptable fan behavior has to be drawn.  These people have to be stopped.



9 responses to “Success Breeds, Well, This…

  1. I just threw up in my mouth

  2. I just remarked on this very phenomenon. It HAS to stop. Usually success begets excellence…it is a self-perpetuating phenomenon. When did the ventures of 18-22 y.o. kids begin inducing idiocy?

  3. Look at me, I’m white and I don’t know what to do with my hands while I “rap”.

  4. The bammer nashun takes jock sniffing to depths never before seen by mortal man. There are just no words strong enough to convey how pathetically ghey this sh*t is. Not to mention what this makes the rest of the country think about our state.

  5. What is wrong with this effing state. You don’t see Texas fans putting out shitastic videos like this.

    I love how they already disabled comments and embedding. Is there another fanbase in any sport that even approaches the consistently high level of youtube douchebaggery that Bama enjoys?

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  7. Holy lord. The Bear would roll over in his grave if it were possible for a god such as him to die.

  8. Where’s my dollar!

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