Case of the Mondays

Woman of the Week: Brittany Murphy. Lets remember you for the days when you were crazy and hot and not the days you were crazy and addicted to heroin to the point that you went into full cardiac arrest and died.  Those were nicer times.

  • Bama forgoes travel per diem for team unity, likely to spur rash of “they already get paid” jokes [WithLeather]
  • Brian Kelly meets the constituency [Dr. Saturday]
  • Mike Leach and Mike Gudy have a conversation [RSC]
  • Florida having a little trouble selling Sugar bowl tickets [Busted Coverage]
  • A commentary on the state of Florida football [LWS]
  • Time to revamp the Heisman voting process? [Clay Travis]
  • Thank God for jock straps [KSK]
  • Mike Wallace had a routine catch yesterday for the Steelers [SBNation]
  • Do not kick to Josh Cribbs [TSB]
  • The quarterback from the Flomax commercials throws like a ninny [TiricoSuave]
  • In anticipation of the trip to the Cotton Bowl..the Oklahoma State Pom Pon Girls [UnCoached]
  • Hottest Dolphins cheerleader ever to pose for a gentleman’s magazine you may have heard of [SbB]

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