Below Average Photo Essay: The SEC and Big 12 Gain Their Independence

Out of a sense of obligation or perhaps morbid curiosity, FOTP made the trip to the Advocare 100 Independence Bowl for the final installment of SEC and Big 12 match-up  under the lights in the Port City. Its bittersweet really, theres something of a badge of courage for having to follow your team into mediocrity and the Fairgrounds in Shreveport.  But alas, those days will soon be gone for SEC and Big 12 fans alike, soon a whole new batch of college football fans will get to be disappointed by the trip…but lets not get ahead of ourselves, this is a time to reflect on what we’ve all been through…So cue up the video highlight montage with slow fade ins to Dontae Walker sprinting through snow drifts all backed to the tear jerking sounds of Boyz 2 Men’s “Its So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” because we’re making memories here people…

Tailgating at the Independence Bowl…half football, half state fair…all Shreveport

The SEC equivalent of a comic book nerd…this is every game program from every Georgia bowl game…ever.  Including the issue where Ray Goff makes his first appearance!

Pregame tailgating in the South…where pork rinds are sold by the bushel.

Tiger fan, getting the rust off in preparation for the Capital One Bowl, I presume.

Purple and gold jump suit…t-shirt cannon…lengthy arrest record.

I ran into the official Independence Bowl mascot, he gives a thumbs up to the idea of washing that costume more than once a year.

The masses pile into the game…or perhaps this is just a throng of LSU fans marching toward their deep fried god in the distance.

In the early going…3 and outs!

What next years Christmas card to the ACC and Mountain West will look like

The Ginger Ninja ((c) EDSBS) from afar…I dared not get closer

The Aggie Band with expert precision as they point their team in the direction of the endzone for the second half

I think Im in love

Aggie fan keeping warm and showing off the Snuggie he got for Christmas

The rarest of sitings…a vintage CFL Shreveport Pirates Starter Jacket.  I offered this guy $50 bucks for it.  He said no.  I would have too.

Aggie fan, disappointed with the outcome of the game but satiated by the manna that has sustained a Cajun people for generations

Fare thee well Independence Bowl, you’ve been a valiant steward of our 6-6 football teams…(tear)



10 responses to “Below Average Photo Essay: The SEC and Big 12 Gain Their Independence

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  2. Michael Medallion

    Shreveport Pirates Starter Jacket + Bama Hat = WOW.

  3. The devourer of corndogs has much mustard in his beard…

  4. Ah yes…the vintage CFL jacket and Bama hat. They do make a lovely pair.

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  6. Notice the belt around the Texas A&M Snuggie… now that’s classy…

  7. Shreveport Pirates + Bama

    “A great pair says the Bear!”……..well……okay,..maybe not.

  8. Comic Book Nerd, LOL, Ya’ll got me pegged. You should see my wall of lost classic rock albums and CD’s from 60’s and 70’s.

    Be sure to note UGA now #3 in all time Bowl wins. Tennessee needs a win to keep up.

  9. Dude. I still have a Shreveport Pirates baseball cap I bought many years ago while in a drunken stupor celebration of the big victory over the MontreOttawa Something French’s.

    Long live the venerable Indy Bowl. God’s Country will welcome Duke and Colorado State with open arms next year.

    And remember–only native Shreveporters can dis the lovely ‘City By the Interstate.’ For all others, Fatwah issued.

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