Adam James Would Not Make a Good POW

A local Lubbock television station went all investigative on Adam James’ claims that he was forced by Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach to be confined in cramped spaces during his most concussed of times while the rest of the team practiced.  The report exposed that the “shed” and “closet” that  James claims he was forced to stand in as a little bit more than the accusations were letting on.  Look at those things…I’ve lived in more confined spaces…with less amenities.  And after watching that, I’ve gotta ask…how big of a panty waist is Adam James!? (I love working blue, sorry about that).  If the experience of having to be relegated to stand in those spaces during practice was cruel and unusual punishment, I’d hate to hear his thoughts about the room being less than a perfect 72 degrees or his complaints about the lack of sufficient ice in his Gatorade. 

Lets also assume that young squire James is not a fraternity man, because I’d hate to see what types of holy hell death penalty probation that house would be under after the smallest bit of hazing.  I was once locked in a fraternity room closet for over three hours as velvet sounds of George Strait’s “Amarillo by Morning” was played repeatedly for the duration.  And you know what, Im a better man for it, and I also now have a deeper understanding of what it means to to not be rich but be free.  I suspect James does not.

Let’s just call all of this what it is…a ploy by Texas Tech University to get rid of its most successful coach ever.  He’s worn out his welcome in Lubbock, what with the constant covert job chasing and the frequent clashes with the administration, and the latest dust up gives the Univsersity, potentially, grounds with which to fire him.  We’ll know in mere hours whether or not Leach, who filed an injunction in order to coach his team in the bowl game, is granted such relief.  If that indeed occurs, I’d expect the University to respond in turn by firing Leach before the day is up.  

Regardless of how this goes down, the way the University has handled this, coupled with the revelations from the above video, has put Texas Tech and its administration in an unfavorable light, and in turn transformed Leach, not James, into the victim in this situation.



4 responses to “Adam James Would Not Make a Good POW

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  2. “…I was once locked in a fraternity room closet for over three hours as velvet sounds of George Strait’s “Amarillo by Morning” was played repeatedly for the duration. And you know what, I’m a better man for it…”

    A better man for it?…Really?…That’s all it took?

  3. Oh COME ON!!!

    Unfortuantely, college sports has turned into a huge mess. It is run by the incomptente NCAA and Academic politics. If the guilty party succeeds in this deal, whether it is the coach or the player and his family, then what does it say that Nation as a whole has been sold a sack of crapp. They should all be locked up in a closet 4 feet wide by 4 feet wide without ice or fan or heat in December 17th weather. SHAME ON OF YOU ALL!!

  4. Adam James is a pussy.

    Great point about him not being a fraternity man. The hazing we sustained in my time would have certainly killed him…

    Texas Tech (and possibly the James family), in this fan’s opinion, will regret the hornet’s nest they’ve kicked wide open here.

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