Case of the Mondays

Woman of the Week: Madison Welch.  She’s a British model so that means she has an overly large chest and will end up dating some footie player with bad teeth.
  • Sating goodbye to Tim Tebow [NCAA Fanhouse]
  • Soaking in a Sugar Bowl beatdown (beatdown is a compound word when describing that game) [EDSBS]
  • You know, Urban Meyer’s life is just like a sitcom [Hey Jenny Slater]
  • Jevan Snead’s season wrapped up in a tidy .gif  [LWS]
  • The Cotton Bowl came to a merciful ending [RCR]
  • Steve Spurrier is apologetic after South Carolina’s bowl showing [Dr. Saturday]
  • Texas Tech fans arent real thrilled with Adam James [SbB]
  • Everything else you wanted to know about the Texas Tech situation [TheSportingBlog]
  • Who is the new defensive coordinator at Georgia [Leather Helmet Blog]
  • UT hoops players uphold the recent Vawls trend…sans a Prius [Deadspin]
  • Lee Corso tries to shake a blind kids hand, hilarity ensues.  [Busted Coverage]
  • Jacory Harris is a fan of Super Mario Brothers [CGB]


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