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Bama Fan Gets Kids Ready for BCS Championship Game with New Tattoos

“Kids, get the homemade guitar string tat machine and let momma and daddy sleeve you up.” ($1 to Will)

Meet PattyJo Marsh…mother, Bama fan, and amateur tattoo artist. On Friday, PattyJo and her husband were arrested after tattooing six of their children with her homemade tat machine: “a plastic pen body with a needle made of a guitar string connected to an electric motor.” But don’t y0u worry about those kids, for PattyJo, it’s always safety first:

the guitar string that you use in the homemade gun we changed it out every time.

Good to see she’s careful. And just a suggestion, PattyJo, your 7-yr old son that was too young this year for a tattoo, will likely be too young next year too…and probably the year after that. Once he’s 10 years old, well…that’s double digits, so that should be old enough.

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Kevin Johnson: Bama Fan, Pet Smart Peeping Tom

Meet Kevin Johnson from Decatur, Alabama. Kevin loves his Crimson Tide. He’s also a loyal parishoner in the Church of Saban. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys hanging out in the women’s restroom at Pet Smart and taking photos of unsuspecting female patrons in the stalls:

They said when the woman noticed Johnson taking her picture, she screamed and he ran out of the bathroom and left the store.

Officers chased Johnson and caught him a short time later.

Pet Smart, apparently, a favorite spot among voyeurs in North Alabama. Rohl Tahd, Kevin. Rohl Tide. [HT: Goin Once]