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LSU Fan, Carrying on A Tradition of Dignified Advertisements

The SEC has long been known for its willingness to throw dignity and good sense out of the window all in the name of selling everything from Hummers, to potato chips, to phone calls to momma.  So it should come as no suprise to find a grown man dressing up in his purple and gold best to sell Nissans to the corndog masses.


Keith Roberts: LSU Parking Lot Cop, Friend to Live Mascots

Keith Roberts LSU

Paul Blart eat your heart out. This LSU parking lot cop gets to spend his breaks talking to Mike the Tiger. Yes, talking to to Mike the Tiger. The full video report (including some hilarious footage of him playing hide and go seek with Mike) from the LSU Tiger TV Action News Team after the jump…

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Boudreaux And Thibodeaux Have Finished Painting Their BBQ Grill


Boudreaux and Thibodeaux needed a BBQ Grill to match their camp…and their limo…and their beer. [HT: Tiger Droppings]


Boudreaux and Thibodeaux Have Finished Painting Their Camp

LSU House

Please be sure to stop by if you’re ever in Hopedale, Louisiana and pay your compliments. [HT: Tiger Droppings]

LSU Fans Do Not Need Your Provocation, Budweiser

LSU Bud Light Can

Oh sweet nectar, you taste like warm pee and victory

The last thing LSU fan needs is a reason…any reason.   On a typical Saturday, the general mean of alcohol consumption in and around Tiger Stadium leads to things like this, this, and of course, this.  With that in mind, why would anyone feel the need to accelerate the situation any further? 

Well, the waffle eating bastards  good people of Anheuser-Busch have seen fit to honor that type of revelry in a way that can only lead to random brush fires in the parking lots and full scale riots in the streets, they’ve given Corndog nation their own commemorative Bud Light can.  

Well, look at it this way, this season, when you get hit in the head by a full beer can thrown from the student section, you can at least take home a souvenir.

As Seen in Hoover

tigerbike1Theres nothing like a road trip.  Just you and your thoughts as you travel to see your team win the SEC Baseball Tournament.  Yes, theres nothing like getting out on the open road, the wind whipping through your hair, the power of 300 horses between your legs, and your mouth wide open in hopes of catching a rouge cicada or two, they are delicacies on the bayou you know. [HT: Tiger Droppings]

Side view with substantially more ground effects, after the jump.

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