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Look at the Balls on Idaho, Will Ya

Idaho Coach Robb Akey (who sounds incredibly like Michael P.S. Hayes) has large stones, as so aptly demonstrated by his team’s willingness to stare certain defeat square in the eyes and laugh at it’s general insinuation that the game is over.  While the most overt display of enlarged genitalia,was evident during the waning moments of the game, Bowling Green, and the World, was put on notice much earlier in the contest.



Pour One Out for Dr. Death

In a demise wrought with cliché and irony,“Dr. Death” Steve Williams has left us all too soon.  The former All-Big 8 lineman and All-American Wrestler at the University of Oklahoma and multi-continent professional wrestling star died after a long battle with lung cancer.   Ill always remember him for his days in WCW as he took on the evils that only a group like the Varsity Club with Kevin Sullivan and Mike Rotunda could perpetrate.  More morbid individuals will remember that time Bart Gunn caved his face in during the poorly conceived WWF “Brawl for It All“. 

RIP my good Doctor…and somebody check on Ron Simmons, he needs a new tag partner.


I Guess God Needed a Manager at Ringside

albanoManager, music video pioneer, collector of rubber bands, Captain Lou Albano, has gone to that great squared circle in the sky.  He’ll be remembered by the mainstream as Cyndi Lauper’s father, but he’ll always be the manager of Headshrinker to those who knew him best.  RIP, O’ Captain, my Captain.

Why Ole Miss Lost to South Caroina

With an endorsement like this, the Rebs should have realized they had no chance. 

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The Dirtiest Scratch-off in the Game: The Commercial

The lottery scratch and win game that more than likely has the people of Greensboro and surrounding areas all a twitter now has its very own commercial…and its just about how you thought it should look…except we would have liked to have seen Flair do a prat fall as he walked that (convenience store) isle.  But there is, without a shadow of a doubt, a very real possibility that once the commercial was over, the Natureboy did his duty, Horsemen style, and took Granny for a ride on Space Mountain.

The Dirtiest Scratch-off in the Game

flair_ticketThe North Carolina Lottery gets a well deserved WOOOOO! after releasing the Ric Flair lottery scratch-off game last week.  You can style and profile all the way to the bank with a cool $100,000 by scratching away all 16 of the Natureboy’s titles.  That limo ridin’, jet flyin’, wheelin’, dealin’, kiss stealin’ lifestyle you’ve always wanted for yourself is now, thankfully, one lottery ticket closer to reality.

SEC Predictions…If They Were WCW Wrestlers

wcw copy

Forgive me if FOTP has been a bit on the light side this week.  You’d figure that with the season mere hours away at this point we would have come full force with something beyond exposing the seedy underbelly of Memphis Athletics Marketing and analyzing the viability of the hair on Tim Brando’s head.  That clearly hasn’t been the case.  I blame it partially on the fact that there isn’t much to write about at this point.  Its all been discussed and rediscussed across the board.  I just didn’t have alot of additional insight into the season…theres that, and then theres the fact that “The Rise and Fall of WCW” came out on DVD last week and I’ve been reliving all the glory that was the mid 90’s Monday Night Wars over and over again.  And since the only two things that are fresh on the brain at this point are things like that Steve Spurrier has won 9 consecutive season openers and that Ole Anderson was possibly the worst booker in the history of professional wrestling, I’ve got to go with what I know.  So FOTP and my commitment to always say my prayers and eat my vitamins brings to you, your off the top rope finisher of an SEC Preview…if they were WCW wrestlers.

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