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Houston Nutt is Quite the Showman

Mothers and Fathers of the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area, consider this fair warning…lock your daughters away and throw away the key because when Houston Dale breaks out the white jumpsuit and and croons about the specialness of the Dexter McClusters and Jevan Sneads of the world while wiggling those lethal hips, no one is safe, no one.

[Pic via ATTCottonBowl Twitter]


FOTP Live and Loud

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A LSU/Ole Miss Hate Week edition of FOTP Live and Loud airs tonight at 9 PM CST.  Our guest will be Steven Godfrey, Ole Miss legend, proprietor of The Godfrey Show, professional wrestling aficionado, Atlanta Falcons apologist, Lucy Pinder stalker, and noted coonass hater.  Topics to include pretty much everything to do with this weekend’s match-up in Oxford.  Do join us, won’t you.


You Can Lead a Rebel to Water…


You can work up quite a thirst when living up to the inflated hype of a preseason Top 10 ranking and the inevitable letdown that was to follow.  May we recommend grabbing a bottle of slightly chilled, sparkling Wild Rebel Water that may or may not have been invented by Danny Nutt, Gus Malzahn, David Lee, or some nameless sap back in the 30’s who played in an era when the forward pass was considered witchcraft and punishable by public flogging. 

If the cooling thirst quenching goodness of the high quality H2O isn’t enough for you, if you require some sort of  pinky-in-the-air-while-drinking type of bottle that is usually only reserved for Figi, Evian, and some other Frenchy water, rest easy fancy pants, Hooten Dale has got you covered…

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Daily Bennington

You need a little class in your life, so enjoy the daily comedic stylings of Mr. Ron Bennington of the Ron and Fez Show (11-3 on XM 202, Sirius 197…the Official Satellite Radio show of Friends of the Program).

“I would’ve yelled out, ‘Hey I think I’m luckier, I don’t have Lou Gehrigs disease!’,…ya know, end the movie on a laugh” – Ron Bennington

FOTP Vents

ventlogoI’ll be making another appearance on The Morning Vent in Mississippi’s capitol city Wednesday morning with sports radio host savants Kev and Jay. Potential topics to include the Reb’s big game with Bama this weekend, referee pummelings, and the viability of chicken served by a cross dresser.

Look for the post of the audio sometime midday. Ridicule my public speaking voice accordingly.

UPDATE:  The audio is up!

This Is How Georgia Rolls?

Some UGA fans choose the traditional tailgating experience. Apparently, others like to break out in group line dances (at least they aren’t throwing trash everywhere, though they’re still killing the grass). Part 2 is after the jump…

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Because You Need It, Somewhere to Vent on this Disturbing Inevitability

It is that time of year again. Where young couples transfixed with potential marital bliss try their best to ruin the most sacred time of the year for us all (Fall Football Season & College Football Saturdays) with their hapless wedding plans. Look you just don’t mess with it. Don’t assume your friends are more mature now and can get by skipping a Gameday to see you happy.

We can’t. And your wedding will go down in the history books as: “The wedding that made us miss INSERT GAME.”


We’re sure you have a story to tell youself so head on over to Fall Weddings Suck and let your black heart loose to tell us how you really feel. There are plenty of epic tales on there already, simply add yours to the mix…

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