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Bama Fan Gets Kids Ready for BCS Championship Game with New Tattoos

“Kids, get the homemade guitar string tat machine and let momma and daddy sleeve you up.” ($1 to Will)

Meet PattyJo Marsh…mother, Bama fan, and amateur tattoo artist. On Friday, PattyJo and her husband were arrested after tattooing six of their children with her homemade tat machine: “a plastic pen body with a needle made of a guitar string connected to an electric motor.” But don’t y0u worry about those kids, for PattyJo, it’s always safety first:

the guitar string that you use in the homemade gun we changed it out every time.

Good to see she’s careful. And just a suggestion, PattyJo, your 7-yr old son that was too young this year for a tattoo, will likely be too young next year too…and probably the year after that. Once he’s 10 years old, well…that’s double digits, so that should be old enough.

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Just in Time for Christmas

Bama fans are going to great lengths to show their team pride in wake of last weekend.  Well, add this one to the wardrobe as well, Sons of Saban.  Celebrate the attonement of past transgressions through salty tears of disappointment with a t-shirt that more than likely will double as acceptable Sunday’s best-wear in the back woods bible church of your choosing. 

Iron the sleeves and mind the collar, honey, cause its serpent wrangling time!


Its All Just A Cute Little YouTube Video Til Message Boards Get Ahold of Your Modeling Pictures

jbowtieIt was just a harmless, although poorly written, bit of SEC smack talk between schools, featuring a bowtied gentleman who liked talking with his hands and possessed what should be marked as “Exhibit A” in Clay Travis’ landmark Bama Bangs suit against the State of Alabama…until various message boards find your Facebook page, your budding bowtie empire, your fancy modeling photos (patience ladies, after the jump), and your phone number (Im not posting it, but I bet these guys can help you out).

It was only a matter of time really.  We found Ricky from Ricky’s Rant within 24 hours…and he didn’t even have 8’x10′ glossys available.  So this weekend in Oxford, if you happen to see this debonaire gentleman strolling through the Grove with an air of entitlement about him that can only come from a privileged upbringing…in Hattiesburg…be sure and let him be, he’s probably already had a pretty rough week.  But do compliment him on his stylish ankle socks.


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A Very Special Bama Fan Flame Critique

In our constant effort to be fair and balanced around here, I cannot, in good conscience, comment on the above.  My red and blue-leaning tendencies make any commentary by me seem biased and retaliatory.  I’d rather others with less partisanship than I lead the charge here.  That’s why Ive asked a few well known gentlemen who bear resemblance to the Alabama fan above to comment in my stead…

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FOTP Interviews: Ricky of Ricky’s Rants Speaks Out

RICKYSRANTSIf you can connect every actor in Hollywood via six degrees of Kevin Bacon, you can find anyone in Alabama in just two emails. This is why in less than 48 hours FOTP operatives were able to track down instant interweb superstar RICKY of Ricky’s Rants for an exclusive interview.

Ricky’s YouTube meltdown was featured at EDSBS, ClayNation, and of course HERE at Friends.  Ricky was kind enough to calm down and take a few questions for us over the weekend via email. We asked him a little bit of everything but stopped short of confirming his eye color or what his perfect date would be…we have to leave some things for Tiger Beat.  Anyhow, these are his answers unedited and unhinged…(we can only assume that he still had his crimson and white shaker in his hand during the responses)

Friends Of The Program: Let’s start with a little background, tell us a bit about yourself?

Ricky: I am a 24 yr old truck driver in the Birmingham area and I am not racist due to popular relief.  I am pretty OCD when it comes to most things in my life.  Most  mportantly I am a HUGE Bama fan!!

FOTP: Does the guy who filmed the video have a black eye or a broken arm right now? Are you still friends? Did you know he would put it on YouTube?

No he is perfectly healthy…hungover…but still bestfriends.  No I did not know it was on YouTube until he called me and told me it was on there.

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