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Must Visit Soon

There’s a new place (or rather several new places all in one) for us to lose our money while in that great gambling mecca in the sand, Las Vegas.  After numerous delays and work stoppages (though you couldn’t tell that from the video), the $4.5 Billion (with a “B”) City Center is finally complete and open to empty your wallet. We must visit very, very soon.

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A Below Average Photo Essay: Christmas in Sin City


Well, the Medallion family survived its second Christmas Vacation in Las Vegas last week. As for me, I lost all my money, was entertained by some strippers at the Spearmint Rhino (yep, they’re open during Christmas), was propositioned by a hooker that had a Michael Strahan-gap tooth (probably useful in her profession), and realized that English was the third fourth most popular language spoken in Vegas during the week (hey, not everyone celebrates Christmas or is from the U.S. and A).

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My Christmas Vacation Is Better Than Your Christmas Vacation


After a trip to Las Vegas in 2006 and a cruise to Mexico last year, the Medallion family heads back to the City of Sin for their 2008 Christmas/Vegas Vacation tomorrow. It’s like getting your “Mr. Papagiorgio” and “Shitter’s  Full” fix all at the same time.  (Making note to self to call Chevy Chase about a new movie idea.) Our theme for the week… “Birth of Christ, Roll the Dice, Part II.” (Yeah, I said it.) Actually, we’re just a bunch of degenerate gamblers that would rather spend our Christmas drinking, eating, and gambling in Sin City (as a “family” mind you) than with Uncle Rico and Aunt Pearl at Grandma Josephine’s house in [enter small town in the South here] like everyone else that we know.

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Larry Johnson, Mike Tyson Dranking in Vegas on a Tuesday Night

Kenny Irons thinks your game is weak Larry

Larry Johnson was busy getting ready to ruin the hopes and dreams of Chiefs fans for the upcoming NFL season on a Tuesday night at Pure in Las Vegas.  Mike Tyson was also there, obviously filing the clubs crazy quota for the evening. He looked thrilled to be there…wouldn’t you?

Um ladies, he’s broke

Nothing like the laspe of time that erases the memories of an abusive marriage and rape conviction to bring the ladies back.  The district attorney in Las Vegas, however, will soon be calling this video Exhibit A we’re sure.   More photos [courtesy of Napkin Nights] after the jump.

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