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Mike Leach Now A Pirate Captain Without a Ship

Mike Leach was summarily fired by Texas Tech moments ago.  This, the final straw onto the back of a camel that had been taking on a substantial load over the past few days.  The action now leaves Texas Tech and the Red Raider players, who for the most part were backing Leach, without a head coach,  leaves Mike Leach unemployed for the moment with a wrongful termination suit all but filed to the proper courts, and has ADs with head coach openings (and some without, currently) contemplating bringing the Dread Pirate in.


Mike Leach Puts His Litigatin’ Pirate Hat On

You can officially categorize the dust up between Mike Leach and Texas Tech over his treatment of Adam James (and by treatment I mean putting him in timeout in an equipment shed and a closet with the lights off) as “ugly”.  The Dread Pirate, through his attorney (who I desperately hope hears an eye patch during court proceedings) will be seeking injunctive relief in order to reinstate him as Head Coach.  This is only going to get more tenuous as the days and court sessions go by…and by tenuous, I mean awesome.

Motion to Continue Trial So I Can Yell Rammer Jammer at Texas Fans in Pasadena


It’s happened before in Louisiana (for both the Saints and LSU), so really no surprise that some overly-zealous Bama lawyer (redundant, I know) has put on his best houndstooth litigatin’ britches and asked that a trial be put off so that he can attend the BCS National Championship Game against Texas.

What makes it a bit different than the coonass continuances, though still not shocking, is that the Auburn fans on the other side of the courtroom actually opposed the motion. (Note that one of the other attorneys on the case is a former SGA President at Auburn).

Attempts to resolve this conflict directly with the Plaintiffs has been unfruitful as the reply has been that they are for the other great team in this State who did not make the playoffs.

And to cap everything off, the motion ends as great as it began:

 ROLL TIDE!! (although my secretary is for the other great team of this State, she feels that I need to attend this championship game!); and may the Longhorns be defeated. 

The full motion is after the jump…

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Kentucky Countersues Billy Clyde

billyclydeToday, the University of Kentucky has filed a countersuit in response to Billy Clyde’s suit from yesterday.  UK is clearly taking the “induction of confusion and mass chaos approach” claiming that the MOU agreement that Gillispie is resting his argument on was merely an agreement to agree upon an agreement and was not an actual agreement…or something like that.  We expect the “takes one to know one” response from the Gillispie legal camp by Monday.

Billy Clyde Gets To Litigatin’

billyclydeFaced with unemployment and a complete unwillingness by the University of Kentucky to recognize that they ever had a contract with their former head basketball coach, Billy Gillispie has turned to Mother Justice for a remedy.  In the suit filed yesterday, Gillispie claims breach of contract by UK under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding that he and UK Athletic Director both signed.  UK, conversely, is going with the time honored “Contract?  What Contract?” defense in hopes to avoid paying Billy Clyde his get the hell out of town so we can hurry up and hire Calipari money.

[Full Complaint at Court House News]

Andy Kennedy Sentenced

kennedypleaThe going rate for disorderly conduct in the mean streets of The ‘Nati…Six months probation, 40 hours of community service, $100 fine, and an apology to the cab driver.  No apology given to Ms. Kennedy or her lady parts, but its assumed.

Andy Kennedy to Plead Guilty


Entering a plea with reckless annoyance and total disregard for human life

Looks like the whole Andy Kennedy assault on a cabbie caper is going to end with a mild whimper thanks to some fancy lawyer plea bargaining.  Reports have Kennedy set to enter a guilty plea on disorderly conduct charges, which in the relevant code falls under the description of  “reckless annoyance” ( I think I saw them open for Pat Green one time), all stemming from Kennedy’s December arrest for getting into a verbal and alleged physical altercation with a cab driver the night before his Ole Miss squad was set to take on Louisville on national television. 

I’d be failing in my duties to sexy up any post if I didn’t also mention the loss of consortium courtersuit that the substantially cougar’d Mrs. Kennedy brought on the cab driver and an unsuspecting door man for the lack of (insert double entendre’ basketball driving to the hole metaphor here) Andy was doing post incident.