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LSU Student Section Needs Help During Christmas

This is what happens when you schedule a game against an instate directional regional school (Southeastern Louisiana) during Christmas break. 

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Well, At Least the Shipping is Free

cjjerseyTiger fans, ardent patriots seeking to defend the national anthem, Gulport High alums, radical Muslims!…Run, don’t walk, on over to eBay, because at this very moment you can be the owner of a game used Chris Jackson jersey (now with more tourettes!).  It’ll only set you back a mere $25,000.

Why do we anticipate a Kenny Powers-esque ending to this eBay endeavor?

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Your Definitive Dale Brown Documentary

brownsiTheres a documentary in the works about former LSU basketball coach and master of motivation Dale Brown.  We like that they reach out to Shaq and Matthew McConaughey for its naratives on Brown’s character.  Woody Harrelson must have been busy.   However, any movie about Brown, if done appropriately, will probably have a great trailer but a disappointing ending.  [HT: Frat Guy]

ACLs Hold Together Mercifully for LSU Alumni Game

stanleyeatsgeertGeert Hammink fights off a hungry Stanley Roberts…for now

LSU basketball celebrated its 100 year anniversary this weekend down in Baton Rouge, bringing many of the former LSU greats from years past for one final run in the House the Pete built and an announcement of the All-Century team (Brandon Bass?  Really!?  Over guys like Stanley Roberts, John Williams, and Jose Vargas?  Really?!).  Participants in the game included Collis Temple (LSU’s first African American basketball player), the above mentioned Shaq tackling dummies Roberts and Hammink, Vernel Singleton (better known as Jamal Duncan from the Hollywood blockbuster and Whoopi Goldberg vehicle “Eddie”…he’s often overlooked in that movie after clearly being overshadowed by the acting prowess of one Mr. Dwayne Schintzius)  and even Pete Maravich’s kid (Photos and video here)  

The most disappointing absence from the game had to be Chris Jackson…not half crazy no-National Anthem-saying Mahmood Abdul Rauf…but ankle-breaking, scoring-at-will-all-the-while-twitching-like-a-mad-man-thanks-to-a-healthy-case-of-Toureetes Chris Jackson.

Behold the grainy footage of what sweet greasy fast lightening looks like… after the jump

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LSU to Hire Stanford’s Johnson

Trent Johnson to LSU

WGSO AM out of New Orleans (Slidell…whatever) is reporting that LSU is set to hire Stanford head coach Trent Johnson as their new basketball coach.  Johnson, a Boise State grad, had been the head coach for the Cardinal since 2004, leading Stanford to the Sweet 16 this year.  Johnson will become the first african-american men’s head basketball coach in school history.

Editors aside:  We once saw Johnson, when he was the head coach at Nevada, tell a guy in the stands who was berating him, to “sit down you fat fuck”.  We are a fan.

The Day John Brady’s Career Died


Brady’s career given a proper burial…complete with headstone.  Lester Earl was present to give the eulogy, which was lovely  The reception, had an open bar, as was to be expected.


It was announced officially yesterday that former LSU head basketball coach and social drinker John Brady agreed to enter the 3rd circle of hell to permanently lay his career to rest by coaching the Arkansas State University Indians Red Wolves.  Brady who was fired by leader of the Mongrel hordes, Skip Bertman, only 22 months removed from a run to the Final Four.  However, Brady’s demise was as much due to recent recruiting failures and mass transfers of players on what had become a yearly basis as it was to losing. 


It had been rumored that ASU was in talks with former Arkansas coach and horse lover Nolan Richardson.  Arkansas State apparently cut off negotiations when they found out that Richardson was in fact black.*

*just my assumption